Lunch for Week of 8/26

by Jaxon

monday – hamburger

tuesday – spaghetti casserole

wednesday – breakfast lunch

thursday  – tortilla casserole

friday – meatball

Kid Talk – 8/23/13

Kid Talk


New Styles/Fads:

  • Tails attached to back of pants      

  • Macklemore

  • Imagine Dragons-Radioactive

  • Hats/baseball caps

  • Big Sweaters

  • Sun glasses

  • Leggings under shorts

Cool Games:

  • Minecraft

  • Scratch

  • CTF (capture the flag)

  • Dart

  • Slide

  • Concentration

Newsletter 3 – 8/13/13

This week students have taken over the majority of our newsletter. Teachers have edited for some spelling and included sections that were not covered this week. Be sure to see all of the sections kids decided to include… We now have riddles! 


Hello 4/5 classroom! This week in the featured section we have the weekly joke (below) and the latest exciting news with the added birthdays. This Wednesday was Zola’s birthday, three cheers for Zola.

This week we talked about logical consequences. In that conversation we talked about various types of consequences, like positive practice. Positive Practice is trying something til it’s a “skill” like if you’re talking you do 10 seconds of complete silence and if you talk then you start over and you do it until the full ten seconds are complete. Trust me it’s harder than you think.

Also this week we took our Word Work assessment, exciting!

The pool party was a hit last week thanks for coming and sharing the fun with us.

Writers Workshop

We have been  writers and talking about your one story of your life. We did our on-demand pieces for our upcoming memoir/personal narrative unit. On-Demands serve as a way for students to compare their beginning of unit piece to their final published piece.

Readers Workshop

Reading about characters and what characters do, and what their feeling is in the story. Some books that we could read that has a character is Diary Of A Wimpy Kid,American Girl Doll books,Flat Stanley, Maniac Magee, B.F.G.,Numbers of The Stars,Star Girl (ect.)

Math Workshop

In Mr. Jim’s group we are finding the area of shapes with pattern blocks. We are also doing graphs with info from the class. Soon we will be working on multiplication  so be ready.

In Ms. Kalei’s & Ms. Pam’s groups, we started our height measurement projects, comparing data on classmates heights.

P3 Workshop

In P3 this week we started our committees. Our committees during this unit will be focused on our 4/5 classroom community. We identified some needs within our library, dismissal procedures, blog/communication, recycling processes and room rescue. Next week, sub-groups of each committee will do presentations on how to reinforce the systems the created.

The Joke (answers are at the bottom of the post):

Q.How do you make seven an even number?

Q.Why are ghosts bad liars?

Q. I am the beginning of the end, The end of time and space. I am essential to creation. I surround every place. What am I?






A.Take the s out

A.Because you see right through them

A. The letter e.

Newsletter 2 – 8/16/13


This week 4/5 spent many sessions creating classroom agreements. So far we have settled on five, and we have a sixth one to revisit in coming weeks.

  1. Seek & Spread Joy
  2. Be Respectful
  3. Be Safe
  4. Be Yourself
  5. Use Integrity

The conversation was facilitated by Mr. Jim, and students used fingers to demonstrate consensus. We had healthy arguments over phrasing and specific wording. Ask your child about our pending sixth agreement, around being an ally and including everyone in the class.



Otherwise, we moved to table groups and have established our crew lines (the seats for lessons). Students are getting used to the daily routines of checking off their name for attendance, participating in the morning message, and learning the songs that cue them for different workshops.

Bradford Woods

8/24  Saturday 1:00-4:00 Bradford Woods Open House (at Bradford Woods) for 4-5 Families.  Bradford Woods holds an annual open house for any family whose child will be attending camp this year.  Our 4-5 class will be attending Bradford Woods October 16-18.  While we will have a parent meeting at school, being able to experience where your child will be is something a lot of parents enjoy.

Readers and Writers Workshop

In readers and writers workshop we have begun to launch our big picture systems. Much of the focus of this week has been on getting into flow as well as generating ideas. We will be using this quote (Buddha) to continue our work with power spots and concentration:  “Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.”

photo 4photo 1 (1)

Math Workshop

Math groups started this week and are being taught by Mr. Jim, Ms. Kalei, Ms. Pam & Mr. Bryan. Some groups will have flexibility and students might attend different lessons with teachers over time. You can find more information out about Bridges, our K-5 math curriculum on their website. This week we have done guided discovery and gotten used to the routines of transitioning to math workshop.


Our New Blog Team

We have a fabulous bunch of bloggers that will be taking over the newsletter next week. This will make the information you get about what’s going on more fresh and from a student perspective. Though Ms. Kalei will still be responsible for sending the newsletter (and occasionally editing), students will meet on Wednesdays to communicate the happenings of the week.




4/5 General Information

In an effort to make family communication more efficient and effective, each family will have a teacher who is their primary contact. While both Ms. Kalei and Mr. Jim are the primary teachers in the classroom, your family will be assigned a teacher to communicate with when you have a question, comment, concern, etc. Mr. Bryan, Ms. Pam, and Ms. Megan will also facilitate large and small group instruction throughout the day, and their contact information is available if you have a specific question.


Please do your best to bring your children on time every day. If a child cannot attend school, an adult family member must call (812.588.0041) or email the main office ( for the absence to be considered excused.


Homework systems will start to be put into place within the first four weeks of school. All homework will be given to students to put into folders on Mondays. They will be responsible for turning everything in by Friday each week. There is a grace period until Sunday. Homework can be emailed or turned in in person.

  • Reading: Students will be responsible for completing four nights of reading (20 minutes) and will document this on their reading log.

  • Writing: Students should write three times a week for 20 minutes. In their homework folders they can bring in writing pieces. They can also choose to type their homework and share it with their primary contact teacher on GoogleDocs. and three night of writing (20 minutes). A reading and writing log will be provided.

  • Math assignments are determined individual math teachers, around 2-3 per week.


Our classroom community celebrates birthdays approximately once every other month — typically on the last Friday of the month or prior to an extended break. Students with the same birthday month collectively decide how they’d like to celebrate and are give some time in class to do so. On each child’s actual birthday we do our best to recognize it during morning meeting.

Family Volunteers:

We would love to have family volunteers!  State law requires school volunteers to obtain a criminal history check.  This is simply to ensure the safety of all students.  If you need a copy of this, please let us know.  We ask that you notify us in advance so we can plan a specific role for you.


Each day we incorporate a time for a healthy snack into our schedule. Each week, a different portion of the alphabet (based on last name) will be responsible for snack. We will send this information in our weekly newsletter. When it is your family’s turn to bring snack, please be sure to bring 54 servings. To find more information about and ideas for healthy snacks to contribute to our community, please see the TPS Family Handbook.

Newsletter 1 – 8/9/13 – Our First Week of School

Here is 4/5 coming at you after a lovely first week of school!Image

Our week was spent building community,  finding new groupings and partnerships, and discovering some of the academic choices in the 4/5 classroom.

Building Community

Our first weeks of school involve the growing of a new community. This week we saw many new friendships develop in just our few short days. Starting on day one, students had to silently group themselves by a neon-colored sticker on their foreheads. In our first 20 minutes as a community, we showed empathy and care as we helped others find where their group members had flocked to.


Procedures & Routines

We have spent a lot of time this week practicing routines for the chime, counting down from ten, and walking in and outside of the buildings. When the chime rings we are silent, still, and we track. When we are in a class line we have quiet feet, stay to the right, are single file, and we stay at a zero.

Morning meeting has started in the 4/5 space as well. This week students started to bring in “souvenirs” to share with the class. We have heard some special stories from five students so far and will give everyone a chance to share their object within the next few weeks.

IMG_2277IMG_2275photo (1)IMG_2276IMG_2274

What is Flow? 

Part of our work in supporting passions will be to discover what flow REALLY means. We are working on building our own metacognition and revisiting our personal passions experiences each day discovering whether or not we achieved flow. On Friday, we gave recommendations to other students, suggesting other experiences that may help them get into flow.


Guided Discovery: Math & Maps

We have had two guided discoveries this week, where we have had a set of manipulatives and materials to engage with. With maps, we searched for what we notice and what maps can tell us. Various math objects – pattern blocks, unifix cubes, rulers, etc. all have connections to our math curriculum.

IMG_2247 IMG_2248

IMG_2251       IMG_2259

Coming Up with Hopes & Dreams

We began to draft and brainstorm our hopes and dreams for the year. Next week we will post the whole class’s hopes & dreams for the year and wonder over how we can make all hopes and dreams come true.