Bios of the 4/5 Team

Meet Mr. Jim, Mr. Bryan, Ms. Kalei & Ms. Pam. We make up the 4/5 team this 2013-2014 school year!

Mr. Jim is excited to join the wonderful 4/5 team at TPS.  Jim has been working in and with schools for almost 25 years.  He has been a third and sixth grade teacher, an elementary administrator, an official with the Indiana Department of Education, and, most recently, a teacher trainer working across Indiana.  Jim joins the TPS community with a happy heart.   Jim and his wife, Erika, and son Johnathan (14) visited the City Museum in St. Louis this summer and it was awesome!  He is looking forward to learning all this year.


Mr. Bryan is thrilled to be back for his second year at TPS.  Besides cheering on the Cincinnati Reds and Indiana Hoosiers, Bryan also enjoys camping, hiking, listening to and collecting music.  He spent a large chunk of his summer visiting family, which he always enjoys.  Bryan has two summer highlights:  the long, relaxing camping trip he took to Red River Gorge with his wife Andrea and two year old son Hudson and the impromptu dance offs that occurred in his kitchen with his son, especially the one where both Bryan and Hudson were introduced to Eric Burdon’s cover of Paint it Black.  He’s looking forward to getting to know the new 4th graders and catching up with his 5th grade pals.


Ms. Kalei is happy to remain on the 4/5 team for her second year at TPS! Kalei went to Hampshire College; a liberal arts school that she feels resembles TPS in all the best ways. She studied education – specifically policy and social justice education. Over her summer break, she went home to Davidson, North Carolina to spend some much needed time with her parents and sister – who is going off to college in Seattle in the fall. Kalei is looking forward to learning with a new bunch of students, many of whom she had in passions last year.


This is Ms. Pam’s second year here at TPS in the 4-5 classroom. She has a bachelor’s degree in elementary education from Purdue University Calumet. Before moving to Bloomington last year, she worked for Portage Township Schools as an elementary school teacher for 11 years. Pam and her family moved to Bloomington because of the incredibly welcoming community and arts culture. She has three beautiful daughters (Melanie 22, Lyndsey 19, and Kira, who will be in Ms Sophie’s 1,2,3 classroom, is 6). She is so excited to be starting a new year at TPS and she’s looking forward to a wonderful year.

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