4/5 General Information

In an effort to make family communication more efficient and effective, each family will have a teacher who is their primary contact. While both Ms. Kalei and Mr. Jim are the primary teachers in the classroom, your family will be assigned a teacher to communicate with when you have a question, comment, concern, etc. Mr. Bryan, Ms. Pam, and Ms. Megan will also facilitate large and small group instruction throughout the day, and their contact information is available if you have a specific question.


Please do your best to bring your children on time every day. If a child cannot attend school, an adult family member must call (812.588.0041) or email the main office (attendance@theprojectschool.org) for the absence to be considered excused.


Homework systems will start to be put into place within the first four weeks of school. All homework will be given to students to put into folders on Mondays. They will be responsible for turning everything in by Friday each week. There is a grace period until Sunday. Homework can be emailed or turned in in person.

  • Reading: Students will be responsible for completing four nights of reading (20 minutes) and will document this on their reading log.

  • Writing: Students should write three times a week for 20 minutes. In their homework folders they can bring in writing pieces. They can also choose to type their homework and share it with their primary contact teacher on GoogleDocs. and three night of writing (20 minutes). A reading and writing log will be provided.

  • Math assignments are determined individual math teachers, around 2-3 per week.


Our classroom community celebrates birthdays approximately once every other month — typically on the last Friday of the month or prior to an extended break. Students with the same birthday month collectively decide how they’d like to celebrate and are give some time in class to do so. On each child’s actual birthday we do our best to recognize it during morning meeting.

Family Volunteers:

We would love to have family volunteers!  State law requires school volunteers to obtain a criminal history check.  This is simply to ensure the safety of all students.  If you need a copy of this, please let us know.  We ask that you notify us in advance so we can plan a specific role for you.


Each day we incorporate a time for a healthy snack into our schedule. Each week, a different portion of the alphabet (based on last name) will be responsible for snack. We will send this information in our weekly newsletter. When it is your family’s turn to bring snack, please be sure to bring 54 servings. To find more information about and ideas for healthy snacks to contribute to our community, please see the TPS Family Handbook.

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