Newsletter 1 – 8/9/13 – Our First Week of School

Here is 4/5 coming at you after a lovely first week of school!Image

Our week was spent building community,  finding new groupings and partnerships, and discovering some of the academic choices in the 4/5 classroom.

Building Community

Our first weeks of school involve the growing of a new community. This week we saw many new friendships develop in just our few short days. Starting on day one, students had to silently group themselves by a neon-colored sticker on their foreheads. In our first 20 minutes as a community, we showed empathy and care as we helped others find where their group members had flocked to.


Procedures & Routines

We have spent a lot of time this week practicing routines for the chime, counting down from ten, and walking in and outside of the buildings. When the chime rings we are silent, still, and we track. When we are in a class line we have quiet feet, stay to the right, are single file, and we stay at a zero.

Morning meeting has started in the 4/5 space as well. This week students started to bring in “souvenirs” to share with the class. We have heard some special stories from five students so far and will give everyone a chance to share their object within the next few weeks.

IMG_2277IMG_2275photo (1)IMG_2276IMG_2274

What is Flow? 

Part of our work in supporting passions will be to discover what flow REALLY means. We are working on building our own metacognition and revisiting our personal passions experiences each day discovering whether or not we achieved flow. On Friday, we gave recommendations to other students, suggesting other experiences that may help them get into flow.


Guided Discovery: Math & Maps

We have had two guided discoveries this week, where we have had a set of manipulatives and materials to engage with. With maps, we searched for what we notice and what maps can tell us. Various math objects – pattern blocks, unifix cubes, rulers, etc. all have connections to our math curriculum.

IMG_2247 IMG_2248

IMG_2251       IMG_2259

Coming Up with Hopes & Dreams

We began to draft and brainstorm our hopes and dreams for the year. Next week we will post the whole class’s hopes & dreams for the year and wonder over how we can make all hopes and dreams come true.


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