Newsletter 3 – 8/13/13

This week students have taken over the majority of our newsletter. Teachers have edited for some spelling and included sections that were not covered this week. Be sure to see all of the sections kids decided to include… We now have riddles! 


Hello 4/5 classroom! This week in the featured section we have the weekly joke (below) and the latest exciting news with the added birthdays. This Wednesday was Zola’s birthday, three cheers for Zola.

This week we talked about logical consequences. In that conversation we talked about various types of consequences, like positive practice. Positive Practice is trying something til it’s a “skill” like if you’re talking you do 10 seconds of complete silence and if you talk then you start over and you do it until the full ten seconds are complete. Trust me it’s harder than you think.

Also this week we took our Word Work assessment, exciting!

The pool party was a hit last week thanks for coming and sharing the fun with us.

Writers Workshop

We have been  writers and talking about your one story of your life. We did our on-demand pieces for our upcoming memoir/personal narrative unit. On-Demands serve as a way for students to compare their beginning of unit piece to their final published piece.

Readers Workshop

Reading about characters and what characters do, and what their feeling is in the story. Some books that we could read that has a character is Diary Of A Wimpy Kid,American Girl Doll books,Flat Stanley, Maniac Magee, B.F.G.,Numbers of The Stars,Star Girl (ect.)

Math Workshop

In Mr. Jim’s group we are finding the area of shapes with pattern blocks. We are also doing graphs with info from the class. Soon we will be working on multiplication  so be ready.

In Ms. Kalei’s & Ms. Pam’s groups, we started our height measurement projects, comparing data on classmates heights.

P3 Workshop

In P3 this week we started our committees. Our committees during this unit will be focused on our 4/5 classroom community. We identified some needs within our library, dismissal procedures, blog/communication, recycling processes and room rescue. Next week, sub-groups of each committee will do presentations on how to reinforce the systems the created.

The Joke (answers are at the bottom of the post):

Q.How do you make seven an even number?

Q.Why are ghosts bad liars?

Q. I am the beginning of the end, The end of time and space. I am essential to creation. I surround every place. What am I?






A.Take the s out

A.Because you see right through them

A. The letter e.

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