Newsletter 4 – 9/1/13

Teacher comments are in italics. Thanks again to our student bloggers! 


Field Day! Field Day! Field Day!  Field Day was awesome! Personally I loved CTF(capture the flag) and hiking. scratch was very popular. I also loved seeing all my friends from 6/7/8.

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BAM – Our first Big Afternoon Meeting occurred on Friday after Field Day. The entire Project School gathered in 3rd street park to engage in a whole-school version of the wave and a few songs. We hope to continue this trend once each month!

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Readers Workshop

Welcome back to the section about readers workshop! Now we have been learning about so many things like mental movies and so many other  things!  Readers have mental movies while there reading their book.  In readers workshop, we are starting our unit on Character Study. Students are reading about characters – so fiction of any genre. Mr. Jim has been drawing cartoons to demonstrate the ‘inner thinking’ that we should all be doing as readers. 


Writers Workshop

We have been  writers and talking about a story of your life. In memoir writing we have come up with many brainstorming ideas including making maps of places that are special to us, making heart maps, creating small moment lists (friends, family, dreams, objects), and narrowing our focus to seeds we want to develop. 


We have finished up our P3 committee work and are moving swiftly through presentations. Two committees we learned from were the committee on dismissal procedures & room rescue – During dismissal you have to be in ⅘ you have to sit down at the carpet so you can have a story, you need to wash boles and clean tables during room rescue.

 Word Work

Word work groups will start this upcoming week. We did a sample sort last week to get used to the word work rhythm. Students will have 4 days of word work in class: 1) Write/read/talk about words & definitions 2) Sort the words by familiar patterns 3) Do an application activity (sentences, definitions, etc.) 4) Do a flashcard and/or quizzing activity to make sure the word spellings are correct. Students will find out these assignments on Tuesday, any work they do not complete daily during class can be brought home to finish. 

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