Newsletter 5 – 9/9/13


Labor Day! I don’t know about you but I loved my three day weekend it was a nice break from the rest of the week. nothing big right now is going on for 4/5 but just in F.Y.I fall break starts at the end of this month. Yeah!

The jokes for this week are: 1.)How do you make an egg-roll? 2.)What did baby cor say to mama corn? 3.)What do you call a cow without legs?

Note To Parents: On Oct.6 at Bryan Park there is something called the Buddy Walk where kids with Down Syndrome walk to help support people with this syndrome.

Book Buddies

We had our first round of book buddies on Friday. 4/5 students are paired with a student in the K/1 room and spend 10-20 minutes once a week reading just-right books. This is a wonderful opportunity for our students to serve as reading mentors to K/1. We are so excited about this opportunity. 



In readers workshop, we are building our stamina in power spots now. We are continuing our work with characters. 


In writers workshop, we are focusing on our memoirs. We were in the prewriting stage and we have now moved onto our drafting and idea development stage. This upcoming week, we will be working on developing a “seed” idea. Students have generated ideas on a range of topics – vacations, discoveries, “firsts,” special holidays, family memories, and “OUCH!” stories. 


We are continuing math in our just right math groups. This past week Ms. Kalei & Mr. Jim’s groups worked on learning about factors and prime/composite numbers. 


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