Newsletter 6 – 9/15/13


NWEA. On Wednesday we finished all our NWEA tests. First we did reading then then language arts and lastly math. We also finished our read aloud The One And Only Ivan.


This week we are only going to do 2 jokes. awww…1) What’s a cow favorite moosical note?2) Knock knock/Whos there?/Dwayne/Dwayne who?/Dwayne the bathtub i’m dwowning

F.Y.I you can post comments on what you think the answer is and you will figure it out next week.

Writers Workshop 

In writers workshop this past week we were working on picking a small moment to craft into a final memoir piece. Students are working hard to make sure their piece has an interesting lead, has a life message at the end, and demonstrates something important to them. We will have our publishing party next week, details forthcoming.

Readers Workshop 

In readers workshop, we are also finishing up a unit on character study. Mr. Jim’s comics have helped us gain an understanding of how to make an inference about a character. Each workshop time has ended with a set of partner questions, often these questions involve linking thinking to the text. This week, we will have a celebration of our characters. 

Math Workshop

In math groups, students are nearing the end of their first units. All groups are working on factors, multiples, and easy division. Mr. Bryan’s math group has been specifically working on the times table, learning how to use it in a speedy way!


In P3 we are learning about climate change. Last week, students collected data on “greenhouses,” using different variables – plastic bags, construction paper, open air, sunlight. They measured whether there was a change in temperature and then spent Friday’s P3 time discussing the results. The jar that had black construction paper, was in direct sunlight, and had a plastic bag around it had the largest temperature change, demonstrating the same impact as the greenhouse effect. We’ll be moving onto mass and melting this week.ImageImageImage

One thought on “Newsletter 6 – 9/15/13

  1. ella says:

    mr chris said something about a honk google doc can some one tell me where that is that would help a lot because in need to see it and we can not take the packet home.

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