Newsletter 7 – 9/22/13


Hello! This week we had a readers celebration but I’ll let you go to the readers section for that. On Thursday we were supposed to  have picture day, but we got visited by a little rain. Guess what I got dressed up for nothing and other people probably feel the same way! Some more exciting news has stirred up, The Weekly Scoop is about to start two new things:

  1. Taking student interviews.
  2. We are taking student suggestions on stuff to put in the blog(birthdays,shout outs,etc.).

We would love it if you post some comments especially on the joke/riddle. We are going to post the answers in next weeks blog.    Riddle: What gets wetter and wetter the more it drys?


Math Workshop

In math we are learning about multiplication. We are also doing work with arrays, and we will start some area and perimeter work soon. So I hope you are excited for what we are doing next! And be ready for home work.


Readers Workshop

In readers workshop we have just ended our unit on character. At our celebration on Wednesday, characters mix and mingled together, asking questions of one another. We are moving onto nonfiction text sets. We’ll have a close study of one kind of non-fiction in this mini-unit. 


Writers Workshop

As writers, we are focusing on our FINAL EDIT stage of memoir. Students worked through an editing checklist to fine-tune their small moment stories. Our celebration will be tomorrow, Monday, September 23rd in the afternoon. 


In P3 we are thinking about the origins of climate change. Last week we began a jigsaw process of elements related to ozone and climate change. Students did small group presentations on topics to teach the rest of the class. We learned about the carbon cycle and how carbon dioxide is processed through our atmosphere, plants, and animals. 


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