Newsletter 8 – 9/30/13


This week we talked about our BRADFORD WOODS trip! The trip will be on october 16 (Wednesday) and we will come back that Friday.This week we also had our makeup pictures. Fall Break is also starting at the end of the week. That about sums it up.


In writers workshop, we ended our memoir unit with our publishing party. Families joined us in the room. We also started our new unit – non-fiction comics!


In readers workshop, we are working on our nonfiction text sets. Students are learning about note-taking strategies. 


We are working with centimeters in math so i hope you are ready for more hard work on the new centimeter unit. Get prepared for it.


We had so much work around climate change this week! We first reviewed nonrenewable and renewable resources. Kids are learning about coal, oil, other fossil fuel products, wind, solar, and hydropower energy.  We had two guest speakers, Mr. Daniel and Mr. Jim (a different one than in our class!) come speak on how BPS is working toward using renewable energy to power our building. Students are thinking about realistic impact they can have on environmental sustainability. 


IMG_2642IMG_2647 IMG_2648 IMG_2649 IMG_2650 IMG_2696 IMG_2695 IMG_2693 IMG_2691 IMG_2690 IMG_2681 IMG_2679 IMG_2652

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