Newsletter 9 – 10/25/13


BRADFORD WOODS was last week. We’re sure students have been buzzing about the experience. The teachers enjoyed spending so much time with students – even with the lessened sleeping hours. Make sure you get all the details on recreation, instincts, dutch auction, Yuck!, hopping duty, cabin life (pillow fights and saving Ms. Kalei from cockroaches), s’mores, day and night hikes, river inhabitants, and how appreciation was shown to our trail guides and Bradford Woods staff.

IMG_2741 IMG_2746 IMG_2748 IMG_2757 IMG_2764 IMG_2781

IMG_1889 IMG_4371 IMG_4382 IMG_4383 IMG_4386IMG_1891 IMG_1893 DSCN2993

IMG_1885IMG_1892 DSCN3040 DSCN3103DSCN3108  DSCN3010

Writers Workshop

After a close on our comics mini-unit, we are starting a unit on persuasive writing! Our on demand prompt was “Should fast food be banned?” This week, students have been focusing on the structure of a persuasive essay – learning about the five main paragraphs, and especially, how to state a thesis and justify it with reasons/explanations/examples.

Readers Workshop

In readers, our unit on nonfiction note taking comes to a close. The focus of the unit was around note taking strategies, text features, and partner sharing. Students read text sets (a concentrated set of books that were consistently available in the classroom. We celebrated this unit in a FACT SHARE and also had the boxes and bullets hall of fame (boxes and bullets is a main idea/supporting details note taking structure).

Math Workshop

Math groups are focusing on multiplication right now. In Ms. Kalei’s group, we learned THREE new methods of multi-digit multiplication this week. We’ve also been having intensives (a curricular time in place of passions in which students focus on one academic concept).

photo (2)

P3 (Place, Problem, Project)

In P3 we are focusing on our projects. Students chose a level of impact – self/family/class/school/city/state/country/world and generated a list of topic options related to climate change. They will be responsible for tying the origins throughlines into a written piece and they will also collaboratively construct a visual/3-D/action-related project.

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