Newsletter 12 – 11/15/13


P3-a-palooza! We have been working tirelessly this week to complete our P3 projects. Students were responsible for a written piece as well as a visual/construction to represent their knowledge around the origins of climate change. We have public awareness posters, videos, letters to city council, and everything in between. During our writers workshop time we’ve been putting the finishing touches on our written pieces – which specifically address the relationship between climate change, student topics, and origins. We’ll be celebrating our work on Monday around 9:30, taking the form of a museum walk and small group share.

This week has been the same as usual but thats not what i’m supposed to be focusing on. This week we made Morning Meeting spots so we can grow as a community. Thats really it for this week.

Heres a riddle:

Q:Two children were born on the same day with the same mother but they were not twins. How is this possible?

Readers Workshop

Because of our commitment to quality of good work in P3, readers took the form of mini-book club meetings, students continued to read independently. Some students are finishing up their first or second novel and are moving on, while others continue to make connections and inferences to their first text.

Math Workshop

In Mr. Jim’s math group we did fractions, division, and problem solving. Students used diagrams of egg cartons as well as linear tiles to model equivalency. Mr. Bryan’s group worked on reading bar and pictographs. In Ms. Kalei’s group, we took a post-assessment on multi-digit multiplication & division story problems, and a letter is coming home about our upcoming unit on division and fractions. Ms. Pam’s group is measuring the area of the hallway carpet – dealing with the nooks, crannies, and curvilinear parts of the 2nd floor.

Morning Meeting Updates

Our morning time helps build community and stick to our agreements – checking in with greeting, share, activity, and message. Lately, we’ve danced away from our community norms and so the teachers have decided to assign morning meeting spots. As we get back to mutual respect and mindfulness, we will choose seats again – in the meantime, we will learn new facts about new friends.

A:They are triplets!

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