Newsletter 13 – 11/24/13


Isn’t it the same every week. This week is different, kinda different. We went to the 2/3 and 1/2/3 play. They were called Twinderella and Emperors New Clothes. Both were great! We are also starting new passions soon. I can’t wait. The most exciting thing though is THANKSGIVING BREAK!!!! I can’t wait I could use a break. Heres this weeks joke.


Q:What do you get when you cross a fish and an elephant?   (see answer at bottom of newsletter)


In writers workshop we studied capitalization with a familiar acronym MINTS (Months, I, Names, Titles, Start of sentences). We also had a student led lesson on run-on sentences. Students reviewed transition words to include when moving from paragraph to paragraph in essay writing. We will spend one more week typing in this genre and will end the unit a week after break.



In readers workshop, we are coming to a close on Historical Fiction. We plotted our books along a timeline, and talked about ‘milestone events’ in history. Students have an end-of-book page to complete, they should finish reading A historical fiction book by the time we return. Many students have read two or three choices already, and they can fill the paper out based on previous reading.


IMG_2974 IMG_2976  IMG_3019 IMG_2971  IMG_3022  IMG_2959IMG_2960IMG_2961IMG_2962IMG_2963

Our P3 celebration was a grand success – we had councilman Steve Volan in to talk about recycling in Bloomington. Students also did a museum walk around the classroom and visited the work of others. Congrats! We also began our new unit on gender in the media. Students took a pre-assessment on Wednesday and spent the workshop time on Friday making collages to represent gender without using any faces. We had an incredible discussion about the origins of gender stereotypes.


In Mr. Jim’s math group, students wrapped up their work for this unit in a post-assessment. In Ms. Kalei & Ms. Pam’s group, students worked on converting measurements – adapting  a recipe serving size to 50!

IMG_3024 IMG_3025  

IMG_3023IMG_3026 IMG_3027

A:Swimming trunks

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