Newsletter 16 – 12/20/13


On Wednesday we had…… THE VARIETY OF TALENT SHOW!! It was amazing! T.I.N. played. Also one of my very best friends sang the Cup song while cuppers (also some of my best friends were doing that) were doing it behind her. You should ask your kids about The Harlem Shake.

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Readers Workshop

There is so many things that We are learning! Also about Sharon Creech, she is the author that wrote our books. We are in the second week of our books and we are learning books that she had written and that we are very excited. Before I go, the books we are reading have characters for other books that she wrote so keep an eye out for them!

Students worked on exploring theme in children’s literature. The six main themes are: perseverance, courage, growing up, family & friends, acceptance, and compassion & empathy. We are so proud of the commitment to the book clubs, to the hard work that went into reading the books, and into the great conversations students had. 


Writers Workshop

In writers workshop we had a joyful week of poetry writing. We discussed rhyming couplets, simile, and concrete poems (poems that are shaped as the item they discuss. See an example below. 

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Here in the  ⅘  classroom during P3 we are studying the topic gender. This topic is talking about many  things such as stereotypes about gender and etc. Connected to P3 is invitations. In invitations, what we do is we have many subtopics. For example, superheros was a topic. In invitations we have  discussions and make a product. Then you connect it to gender. For example, superhereos can connect to gender because you can try to figure out why there are more boy superhereos than girls.

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Math Workshop

In Mr. Jim’s math group this week, we finished up some of our study on data collection and presentation. We also took a post-assessment on our fourth unit. In Ms. Kalei & Ms. Pam’s math groups, we  combined for two days to do stations – surface area, 5-10 pointed stars, and fraction problem solving.

Kid Talk December 18th

Kid Talk


Sooooo, a HUGE fad is still Rainbow Loom Bracelets. I’m guessing you have seen one, so I’m not going to show you a picture of one.

Another fad is………..

ANIMAL JAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Still. Everyone is still totally obsessed with it.

Also, Jammmers, if you want rares, ask Caiden; he is giving out them. Orders filled on first come, first serve, so ask him fast, before he runs out! He can also trade. His username is….mariolee, no capitals, no spaces, thats it.

Another one is What Does the Fox Say. No, im not going to say the lyrics, you can look it up if you want. I will save you from the horror of having it stuck in your head.


Newsletter 15 – 12/14/13


Hola! My friends welcome to our blog. This week I want to send a birthday shout out to LI MEI!!!!! She is my best friend so I must put her in this blog. I really hoped you enjoyed the website last week. Also on Thursday a group of kids went to a waste meeting at the courthouse. After school hours.

Its time for the joke.
Knock knock
Whos there
Tank who
You’re welcome

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Hello readers! In readers we have official book clubs, with limited pages! Our books author is Sharon Creech. She wrote: Love That Dog, Walk Two Moons, Wanderer, Chasing Redbird. (etc.) There are so many books that she wrote. She is such a talented author. Im sorry but we don’t have any teaching points today. We have been working so hard on our writing in writers workshop. You have to learn about our writing unit in writers and not readers.So bye for now!

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Despite our many delays this week, we accomplished a wonderful publishing party linked to our persuasive writing. Students spent a small amount of time on Wednesday morning reflecting on their on-demand pieces and their persuasive pieces with their evaluated rubrics. We are so proud of how many students met and exceeded the standards we shared with them during their publishing week.

We also launched a poetry unit, students have been writing some hilarious poems together – so far studying rhyme schemes and similes.

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In P3 this week we finally got to do our first round of Invitations. Invitations is a curriculum that Ms. Cathy and Ms. Heather first suggested in the 4/5 space because of the beautiful work going on in the K-6 classroom at Templeton. This curriculum asks children a series of deep/critical-thinking questions about a topic. Kids are given 20-40 minutes to openly explore resources, discuss the questions with one another, and create a product (we provide some suggestions). Many of the invitations have a link to the work we have been doing around gender. Some of the topics include: names, superheroes, monsters, board books, fairy tales, fast food, world without gender, Dr. Seuss, Hunger Games, toy sections, party supplies, and color.

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After much study of the long division algorithm, Ms. Kalei’s math group is moving on to fractions. We will be using the egg carton model to represent equivalency. In Mr. Jim’s math group, we are continuing our conversation on probability. We are creating surveys & collecting data to create line, circle, and pictographs to represent these data.

Newsletter 14 – 12/8/13


Not too many specifics are featured this week…other than the update on book clubs and publishing.

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Q: What has to be broken before you use it?

Let me give you some cool game websites
(kid websites)
Well actually this is a website that has the top 15 kids websites
Then go to the search bar and type in Top 15 websites
Then scroll down to Top 15 most popular kids websites


Be happy because I have a lot of great book ideas! We are finishing up the readers subject which is historical-fiction! Dont be sad we still have a lot of things to go through. Now lets get started! First up is the teaching point.

12/2/13 – Readers trust the important details that the author decides to include.

Students finished up their historical fiction unit by representing a quote of text and an image from one of the books they read. Next we’ll be moving onto Sharon Creech book clubs. 


2.The Land of Stories the Wishing Spell
4.The Hunger Games
5.The Hearty Boys
6.The Boxcar Children
7.The Giver
8.Closed For The Season
9. The Active Enzyme Lemon Freshened Junior High School Witch
10.The Red Pyramid

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In writers workshop, we are publishing! We will have one more in time class work session. Publishing party details to come. 

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In Ms. Kalei’s math group, we are working on long division – using the standard and old fashioned algorithm. In Mr. Jim’s math group, we are midway through out unit, and are talking about percentage of likelihood. 

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In P3 we spent the week talking about how marketing of legos has changed over the past 60 years. Using several commercials from 1955 on, we discussed what the advertisers are trying to teach kids – about play, materialism, and gender. Kids inquiries started to form around how specific “kinds of play” are gendered – i.e. role play, playing war, playing with characters that have faces.

A: An egg