Newsletter 15 – 12/14/13


Hola! My friends welcome to our blog. This week I want to send a birthday shout out to LI MEI!!!!! She is my best friend so I must put her in this blog. I really hoped you enjoyed the website last week. Also on Thursday a group of kids went to a waste meeting at the courthouse. After school hours.

Its time for the joke.
Knock knock
Whos there
Tank who
You’re welcome

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Hello readers! In readers we have official book clubs, with limited pages! Our books author is Sharon Creech. She wrote: Love That Dog, Walk Two Moons, Wanderer, Chasing Redbird. (etc.) There are so many books that she wrote. She is such a talented author. Im sorry but we don’t have any teaching points today. We have been working so hard on our writing in writers workshop. You have to learn about our writing unit in writers and not readers.So bye for now!

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Despite our many delays this week, we accomplished a wonderful publishing party linked to our persuasive writing. Students spent a small amount of time on Wednesday morning reflecting on their on-demand pieces and their persuasive pieces with their evaluated rubrics. We are so proud of how many students met and exceeded the standards we shared with them during their publishing week.

We also launched a poetry unit, students have been writing some hilarious poems together – so far studying rhyme schemes and similes.

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In P3 this week we finally got to do our first round of Invitations. Invitations is a curriculum that Ms. Cathy and Ms. Heather first suggested in the 4/5 space because of the beautiful work going on in the K-6 classroom at Templeton. This curriculum asks children a series of deep/critical-thinking questions about a topic. Kids are given 20-40 minutes to openly explore resources, discuss the questions with one another, and create a product (we provide some suggestions). Many of the invitations have a link to the work we have been doing around gender. Some of the topics include: names, superheroes, monsters, board books, fairy tales, fast food, world without gender, Dr. Seuss, Hunger Games, toy sections, party supplies, and color.

photo (4)

After much study of the long division algorithm, Ms. Kalei’s math group is moving on to fractions. We will be using the egg carton model to represent equivalency. In Mr. Jim’s math group, we are continuing our conversation on probability. We are creating surveys & collecting data to create line, circle, and pictographs to represent these data.

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