Newsletter 18 – 1/20/13


Our first week back was marked by increasing stamina and new community building games. Kids enjoyed playing a game called Cat and Mouse/Mouse Trap – be suer to ask your child about the rules. 

Writers Workshop

We have begun a new unit on research essays. Kids previewed and selected topics and were assigned groups. The topics center on the American Revolution era of U.S. History. We are eager to start taking notes and building up to a long form research essay. 

Readers Workshop

In Readers Workshop, we are in swing with Sharon Creech part two. Book clubs have met one time. We are using Bloom’s taxonomy to drive all the questions. We’ve talked about Levels 1-4 and students are responsible for generating questions in their homework packets. 


In P3 this week we are doing end of unit projects for our Gender unit! We have asked kids to pick a subtopic and discuss the present state and predicted state in the future. In partnerships, kids are making posters of their topic now and in 2125. The original project was inspired by The Future of San Francisco Project. Kids picked from technology, toys, fashion, advertising, being a gender, and of course, some student-generated ideas. 


We are getting back into the swing of things in math. In Ms. Kalei’s math group, we closed up a long unit on division and will be starting our unit on Geometry. In Mr. Jim’s math group we are using geoboards to talk about shapes and angles. Kids are doing some early istep prep in their math practice folders. 

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