Newsletter 20-1/31/14


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This week we went on a field trip to the Lilly Library. It was great! So many cool things. We looked at a copy of the constitution that was actually used at the constitutional convention. We saw the Declaration of Independence that was sent to the original Rhode Island colony. We also saw a copy of the letter that George Washington sent when he accepted the presidency. We also had a special session with our book buddies. They are reading nonfiction and had some tricky danger-zone texts that 4/5 was able to support. We finally had passions after so many delays, and some of the objects being used for Mr. Jim’s passions made their way into the classroom. Can you guess what he’s doing? 


This week we finished our books for book clubs! What book have you read? Make sure you finished the entire book! We have a project on our books coming up soon.  Our projects will combine significant objects from the book with quotes to support the theme. Students decided on groupings this week and began to collect evidence.


In Writer’s workshop we are continuing our work with little groups. We are finishing up on researching, and trying to move on to drafting.


In P3, 4/5 is finishing and editing the gender projects. Only some people are doing that, only the people who have not finished them at the designated time and are doing at recess. The projects are focusing on the differences in gender stereotypes in 2014 and 2125. We have done two lessons on mapping and geography to prepare for our trip to the Lilly Library. 

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In Mr. Jim’s group  we are learning about rotation and using uni fix cubes. In Ms. Kalei’s group we took a pre-assessment for our geometry unit and talked about angle measurement.

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