Newsletter 21 2/8/14

This week we finished up our readers projects. We also had book buddies and tried screen-free recess since we’re now indoors so much of the time. 

Hey hey hey readers! Ok so lets catch up. These are late updates (sorry about that) Anyway lets catch up! Ok so,
Readers think about their role while bookclubs are going.
Readers ask analytical questions in their second meeting.
Readers connect their text to themselves, other texts, the world,and media.
Readers ask evaluative questions.

This week, students completed their end-of-Sharon-Creech-book-club projects. They were to pick ten significant objects to the story as well as ten quotes that support the theme. LLI Groups started some test preparation and continued to work at their just right levels. 

In this writers unit we are doing research on the U.S. history. There are many topics such as The Constitution, Declaration of Independence, Colonial Life, and much more. After this research we will be writing essays. Where are you in this process? Planning, drafting, or writing?

In Mr. Jim’s math group, we are working on reflective symmetry as well as other geometric concepts. Ms. Kalei’s group is also working on geometry – we studied angles and lines this week. 

In P3 right now, we are working on making our own House of Representatives and Senate. Students were randomly selected to be in these roles, and we are making a “mock” Indiana legislative body. We have been talking a lot about checks and balances. We have also been going over the General Assembly in Indiana’s government. 

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