Newsletter 24 – 2/28/14


ISTEP has come and students are very fickle about the whole thing. As you probably already know our play is coming up and we are getting into hardcore rehearsal stages. We currently don’t know much about times and dates. Unlike ISTEP, students know exactly how they feel about our play HONK. Students are very excited and can’t wait until we can do the final show at the one and only John Waldron Arts Center. Here is a first: someone gave the creator of this blog an idea paper. His name is Moses, and he is wondering what is going on with Scratch. Recently, actually at lunch a couple days ago, the 6-7-8 teachers and the 4-5 teachers said that Scratch is banned until spring break, which will arrive in about two weeks.

Congratulations to our Bowl for Kid’s Sake Team. We’ve made over $400 dollars. Thank you so much for your contributions!

Riddle: 20 kids went into an empty room and went to sleep woke up and there were 24 heads. How is this possible?

Writers Workshop

In writers we are doing ISTEP prep and finishing our historical essays.

Readers Workshop

Hello readers. In readers we have finally stop ISTEP prep and going on to the real ISTEP. Since we have stopped doing ISTEP prep we  are now doing independent reading. We are allowed to read any book. We have had two weeks of ISTEP prep.eaders Workshop

Math Workshop

On 2/26/14 we started Math Station, a prep for ISTEP. There are six different groups, there are Mathematical History (Origins of Math); Problem Solving; Place Value Games; Mathematical Books, Math Line Designs; Measurement & Flash cards. We’ll be doing this rotation while testing is happening through Spring Break. 


In P3 this week we had several more General Assembly meetings. In the House of Representatives, there was a floor debate on whether to only have Capture The Flag (CTF) at recess that was voted down. There was a vote on whether or not to have snack on 2-hour-delay days that was passed in the house, Senate, and signed by the governor (Ms. Cathy). The House and Senate also passed a bill on expanding our games at recess and having a rotation of activities. Kids are taking on the power to create legislation for the classroom and reflecting on daily experiences involved in ‘government.’ 

A:There were 20 foreheads (its a play on words)

photo 1 photo 2

photo 4  

photo 3 photo 1 photo 3

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