Newsletter 25 – 3/8/14


We are now done with ISTEP and spring break is here!  Everyone is very excited for going off on vacation. Also, Please remind your child to practice your HONK Jr. scripts! We have way too little time for HONK rehearsals, so, here is Mr. Chris: “kids, please please please memorize your lines!!” Sadly we do have homework over spring break as well, so remind them to do that too. We have really been enjoying the riddles, so we will give you some more. On Friday, we saw the play Pippi Longstocking at the Ivy Tech Waldron. Students were excited about the physical comedy involved and many came away with set ideas for Honk!

P.S. “kids, please please please memorize your lines!!”

Readers Workshop

Hello book minions! In readers we are doing independent reading and learning about doing book reviews. We have a paper that helps us do our own review on the books we are reading. The reviews are inspired by Spaghetti Book ClubWe have been doing different readers subjects for the past week because we have been doing ISTEP.  Our class has not had teaching points ever since we were doing ISTEP prep and ISTEP. Our next genre of study will be revealed after we come back from vacation!


In P3 we are officially finished with our Indiana Legislature simulation! Not everyone is so excited about that… Today we had an assessment on the Indiana government, to see what we learned about it. One of the questions was asking how a bill is passed, and what the process is. Once student finished the assessment then they made a poster about how a bill is made into a law. As our simulation wound down, a review of the laws that were vetoed/passed by the governor

  • Longer recess by reducing transitions  – VETO
  • Playing a variety of games on a rotation during recess – PASS
  • Snack on 2-hr delays – PASS

Writers Workshop

In writers we will be working on writing a story. First, you create a character that defies the stereotype of their “group” or “species”. Then, we take the characters on a journey (the story) where who they are is tested. Finally, teach the reader a lesson or moral. These are two examples: It’s okay to be different and Stand up for who you are, always. I wonder what all these characters will be and what makes them unique. I’m sure all of them will be great and wonderful stories. I can’t wait to get started on these stories! To see some of the published books (we’re in the process of scanning them), follow this link:

Math Workshop

In math I.S.T.E.P is over hip hip hooray. We did such a great job so keep up the good  work. I hope to see people get back into the run of things. Now we are doing math stations,the stations are: 1 measurement 2 math history 3 line designs 4 place value 5 problem solving 6 mathematical books. Students rotated throughout these stations over the course of the week. 

Questions to Ask Your Child

  • What did you think of Pippi Longstocking?
  • What picture book did you create this week?
  • How are you feeling about ISTEP, now that it is over?
  • Which math stations did you get to do?
  • Did you get a copy of your homework log? 

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