Newsletter 26 – 3/28/14


This week was our very first back from spring break. The whole blog team agrees that it has been a little hard getting back into the groove of things, but we are managing. On Friday we went to the Lotus Blossoms Bazaar at Binford elementary school. Also this week we are having empathy week, you will have to go to the P3 section to hear more about that. At the Bazaar, students were able to make independent choices and visit tens of stations that explored world culture. Masks were made, food was sampled, and many students saw their names in multiple languages. 



In P3 this week we have been doing something called Empathy Week. While in Empathy Week we try to feel empathy for others. On Tuesday we did an experiment where everyone was put in a random online chat room. Each chat room had 2-4 people in it. You did not know who you were talking with in the chat room, so you had to try to feel empathy for the other people in your chat room. Before that, on Monday, we all made maps of importance. They were webs of what were important to us, and what they connected to in other sections of the map. Then, everyone color-coded their map according to things they were comfortable, risky, and dangerous with sharing. On Wednesday we chose our Invitations.As the name suggests, Empathy Week will only be for this week. We are going to enjoy it while we have it! On Friday, students shared experiences of empathy by reflecting on the book The One and Only Ivan. 

   IMG_3824 IMG_3825 IMG_3826

Readers Workshop

In readers workshop in the first week back from spring break we have been learning/ reading fantasy books from our section of the library. In morning meeting the teachers put up a message that said “what is your favorite fantasy book?” Many people replied “ Harry Potter” “ Animorphs” and many more books. We launched the unit by reading the book Jumanji by Chris Van Allsburg. After lengthy discussion, students were excited to get to independent reading. The next day, we explored a variety of fantasy books, eventually coming up with elements of a fantasy story: magic, laws of science are broken, animals act unnaturally, there is a journey, quest or adventure, and things happen that wouldn’t in real life. On Friday, students selected reading partners that they will be meeting with throughout the unit. 

  IMG_3791 IMG_3792 IMG_3793 IMG_3794 IMG_3795 IMG_3796 IMG_3797 IMG_3798

Writers Workshop

In writers workshop this week, we did a first try of fantasy writing. We’ll be using this rubric as a way to assess where we are going as writers.


In Ms. Kalei’s group this week we compared our definitions of similar and congruent. We worked with 2-d and 3-d structures, and talked about what it means if a figure is “2 times the size of…” another. In Mr. Jim’s group we, took a pre-assessment for our sixth unit of study and started practicing numbers that have decimal values.


Questions to Ask Your Child

  • What did you do at the Lotus Bazaar?
  • What fantasy book are you reading? What makes it fantasy?
  • What are you studying in math right now?
  • What is the “question” in morning meeting? What questions were there this week?
  • How has empathy week gone? What invitations did you do?

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