Newsletter 36 – 6/8/14


This week we have been preparing intensely for the Museum of Authentic Work (the MAW), which will take place on Wednesday! We were introduced to, selected, and have been immersed in work within sub-committees.

Maw Steering
Visual Arts
Fantasy Book Clubs
Classroom Organization
General Assembly
Fantasy Writing
Sharon Creech

Each MAW sub-committee will be in charge of making an interactive piece, an informative piece, and signage that ties to origins. Our MAW steering committee is a lunch/recess committee that has been meeting to plan the nuts and bolts of the MAW.

The mission of the MAW is to share and teach others through a summative celebration that showcases the best work of the 4-5 classroom.

The vision of the MAW is to create displays that are: visually interesting, interactive, informational, creative, fun, engaging, busy/packed, easy to understand, entertaining, big, active, hands-on, and thrilling.


NWEA testing is over for all but a handful now. Scores will be sent home with progress reports in June.


In writing we are working on short stories about characters we know. We had two lessons this week about slowing down the action and building suspense in small moment pieces. Students are working toward a publishing deadline of Wednesday.



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