Newsletter 2 – 8/23/14

Families, this week you may notice some change in voice in the newsletter. The blog committee has re-convened and so many of the entries below have been generated by students. When I (Ms. Kalei) write something on the blog, I’ll indicate so by italicizing my words. 


Welcome to our second week of school! We are all loving TPS, and hope to learn more about each other. We have been doing a lot of community building activities, and we are getting to know each other more everyday. This week we started Book Buddies, which is a really fun tradition in TPS. We pair up with K/1ers and read books together. If you would like to learn more about it, you can find out at the Book Buddies page.  We are also starting our Current Events lessons! This is a lesson we will have once a week where we learn about things that are happening in our world. We use Time Kids magazine and Discovery Kids magazine for our information.

Morning Meeting

Morning meeting has four parts. The first part is the greeting. The greetings this week are : spider on a mirror doing push ups(don’t ask),fireworks, and elbow. We also do an activity: these are games that make the morning fun and we did hot & cold  and coseeki master and snaggle doodle. 

Book Buddies

This friday we got our new Book buddies! Some of us went downstairs to K-1 to read,but some of us stayed up stairs and read. Some of our Book buddies cannot read so we are going to try and help them this year become better at sounding out words so by the end of the year they will be proficient readers. 

P3 Workshop

This week in P3 we did P3 read alouds. We read ,Brave Irene ,andThe Librarian of  Basra.We also worked on labeling nonfiction tubs in the library. Students are in the process of cataloging the nonfiction tubs in the library. We hope as they explore new tubs, they find new interests. 

Writers Workshop

In writers this week  we did  four corners ideas and annotations. Four corners is a lesson structure where students rotate through four teaching stations and learn something at each. Our four corners lessons were about generating ideas for personal narrative. One station was milestones, ouch stories, firsts, and lasts. Another was in the library and students looked at picture books to inspire their writing. Ms. Teena led a group where she showed images and photos. We also had a station that was about using your “favorites” to give ideas. Students are now in a process of annotating a big list generated by the four corners activity. Annotations are short entries designed to “test out” a topic before you really commit to it. Next week, students will be choosing an annotation and developing it into a full length story. 

Readers Workshop

This week in readers workshop we learned about these teaching  points: Readers read everyday to build up their stamina,Readers collect data on themselves to set reading goals,Readers in workshop are ready have productive conferences. Students are reading in any genre. 

Math Workshop

Ms. Kalei’s Math Group: In math this week we learned factors, arrays, and prime numbers. We learned how to multiply, and divide them. we made the factors out of all of the arrays. we also started to make our math agreements. We put all of it in our notebooks. Students also explored the commutative property and work to solve algebraic patterns. 

Mr. Jim’s Math Group: This week in math we focused on the 4 operations of math and we started our dot thing where we are starting to make 1s 10s 100s 1000s and 1,000,000s. We are also working on understanding the four operations. 

Ms. Pam’s Math Group: This week in Ms. Pam’s math group we have been working on a variety of things. We are doing some work with variables, formulas for repeating patterns, and a very long assessment.(It has 43 questions and 15 pages.) The assessment reviews a ton of math terms and topics, and it is to see what we need to work on. We did a probability game, and are currently working on an impossibly hard formula for a pattern.  If you have any questions, you can: ask your child if they are in this math group, comment on this blog, or email Ms. Pam at .

Ms. Kandi’s Math Group: In Math Workshop this week students used pattern blocks to measure the areas of various shapes.  They experienced how a change in the size of the unit of measure inversely affects the total measurement  – the bigger the unit of measure, the smaller the total area measurement and vice versa.  Given the relative sizes of our pattern blocks, these area investigations lead to practice of basic multiplication facts and some informal addition of fractions.  At the end of the week students reviewed what they have learned so far about area and used squares of different sizes to measure the areas of various rectangles.  This activity provided a bridge to the area model for multiplication and another look at the effects of changing the size of the unit of measure.

Visual Arts

This week in visual arts this week we have been doing our art to remember, where we have our full name or a family quote, then we pick a symbol or two that symbolises us as a unique person in our school. We just  have  decorated our paper to make it wonderful  for other people to dazzle at and think it is amazing! We have also been looking at new table spots to see who we work best with,we chose table spots by Miss Sara the bomb and teacher of art class had different color table bottle caps and we chose our bottle cap without looking and now we are with amazing people at our table spots, but just to be honest so you know we think everyone in the classroom including the teachers are so wonderful and they couldn’t be more amazing than they already are. We also have been being creative by drawing things in the shapes of circles that we think other people won’t think of, and we are doing a wonderful job at that!  

Performing Arts

Mr Chris is a very kind teacher who helps us when we get questions wrong and makes us feel very comfortable, and safe to say what you want to say. He also helps us get to have fun and get to do things we enjoy doing. We’ve been playing a game called Freeze And Justify. You can ask your child how to play. Mr.Chris is very generous and he gets musical instruments for us but have to follow his rule of No Gum in the Classroom.Mr.Chris also enjoys doing fun accents  so he makes us laugh a lot.He also just states funny sentences.

Pictures of our week:

20140819_13120820140819_13115520140819_131146 20140819_131140 20140819_130827 20140822_101847  20140819_13122220140822_101856


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