Newsletter 3 – 9/1/14


The TPS carnival is coming up! Whoo! Students can collect pledges (for our arts program) and use the pledge money to go on the parade and get tickets for game booths. Each class is making an auction basket, each with a different theme. 4/5’s auction basket is Game Night themed. Friday was the deadline for contributions to the basket.

And everyone’s favorite… FIELD DAY! You probably know what it is, but in case you don’t: Field Day is when everyone goes to Ms. Sara’s farm, and we have an awesome time with Instincts, a hike, dogs, horses, a slip and slide, an all day game of scratch, and Capture the Flag. Everyone needs to bring a bathing suit, towel, water bottle and change of clothes. Field day will be next Thursday (September 4th)

Reminder about homework – Students are expected to read 100 minutes every week and log all of their reading in their reading log. For writing, students are supposed to write for 45 minutes, with a paragraph about their reading, a response to a weekly prompt, and, if they have extra time, then free writing in any form or genre. For math, each math group has different homework, so it depends on the teacher.

Morning Meeting

This week we did some new greetings like:T-rex,head shoulders knees and toes,pinky shake,slow mo fits bump,high ten.Thats all of the greetings this week. We also built on our activities from last week and played some new group games (Clap Attack, 30 Second Speech & Rutabaga, Rutabaga). We went outside several times throughout the week to do trust activities to continue to build our community.

Book Buddies

In book buddies today like last week some of us went down stairs to K-1 and some of us stayed up her in 4-5 i noticed that this week my book buddy showed me a book that he can read. If we have a book buddy that can’t read yet we are inspiring them to start to sound out words and try to read there are a lot of books that they still want us to read but they are always listening and are very engaged in the book we are reading to them.

P3 Workshop

In P3 this week we read a book called One of Those Days and The Heart And The Bottle. We talked about the connection between empathy and curiosity.  We also did a project about connections.  You interview a person then put that onto the big poster so now we can see who we are connected to. Every student in the class made at least three connections with others. We reflected on our map using the through line “How do we nurture empathy?” 

Writers Workshop

In writers workshop this week we have been writing and finishing our annotations  and choosing our favorite  annotations and telling the story of that annotation. We need to pick stories that tell great and positive feelings – stories that we really wanted to tell and read to the whole class. Students used the story What to Do with an Idea? 

Readers Workshop

This week we learned these teaching points: Readers share with others, Readers have many ways to connect with books. Readers will be reading 100 minutes or more in a week as homework. After we read we will fill out a reading log. A reading log is in Mr.Jims words “ a reading diary”. We are stretching our reading reflections each day. Finally we put in requests for reading partners. We will have our reading partners by Tuesday.

Math Workshop

Mr. Jim’s Math Group: This week in math we started math practice and homework! We have been working on multiplication  strategies 0 through 10 and kept working on our dots to represent 1,000 and 10,000.

Ms. Pam’s Math Group: This week in Ms. Pam’s math group, we have been working with data sets and averaging. Also, we have  been finding the continuations of patterns, and figuring out the formulas for making, say, the 100th figure.

This week in Kalei’s math group we are working on the order of operations. on friday, we started mean, median, mode, and range. We also started commutative property,along with coordinate plans.we also started variables. N is a variable that means any given number. means the same as N but N is easier to remember. Y is the answer. The order of operations is 1) Parentheses first. 2) multiplication and division left to right. 3) addition and subtraction left to right A thing to help you remember the order of operations is Please excuse My Dear Aunt Sally

Ms. Kandi’s Math Group: This week students used tiles to model multiplication and explored the relationship between multiplication and addition.  Students practiced using the area model and then brainstormed situations that fit a specific model and expression.  Students practiced writing story situations when given multiplication number sentences.   Later in the week students used the rectangular area model to represent and solve division problems.  Students selected multiplication and division story problems from a collection and solved them using the manipulatives that seemed best suited for modeling each problem they chose.

Visual Arts

In visual arts this week we have been doing our art to remember. That where we take our full name or a family quote.You also draw  things that represent you as a person in our community. We also have been listening to crazy read alouds by Ms. Sara including: interrupting  chicken, people make terrible pets. cowboy and octopus is one of the favorites! Ms. Sara is the best art teacher TPS could ever have.

Performing Arts

We’re learning a song called “Were Making Music”,and in the song here is a four part harmony so were practicing that really hard and we’ve done it correctly almost each and every time! We have aalso been using instrumenets to make our song better and people who arent playing a instrument are doing a fun dance move.

Questions to Ask Your Child at Home

  • Who did you interview during P3? What did you learn about them?
  • What is empathy?
  • Did your math group start math practice this week? What is the routine for your math group?
  • What is your small moment story for Writers Workshop?

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