Newsletter 5 – 9/12/14


This week we started spelling! We will have 3 groups eventually, but for now we are doing all-group spelling. Some examples of words we are working on are: thrill, twelve, pledge, halfway, non-fat, and other words. We worked on short vowels and compound words.

Goal-setting conferences are coming up! We will be sending home sheets on Monday with your child(ren) so you can sign up. The goal-setting conferences are for parents and teachers to set goals for their child in school and home.

Writers Workshop

In writers this week we are trying to finish are first and second drafts and get to publishing. The teaching points this week are: Writers format dialogue; Writers use a rubric to self-assess work; Writers revise and edit in their drafts in notebooks. We have also been revising and some people have even been adding punctuation. Students had a second draft due today (Friday, 9/12) and their published pieces will be due on Friday, 9/19. We will have a writing celebration on Friday 9/19 at 1:15 which is open to all families.

Readers Workshop

This week in readers workshop we learned these teaching point, readers compare and contrast elements in their books. This week in Flora and Ulysses  we found out that Ulysses, the squirrel, can type.Mr. reads Flora and Ulsses to us everyday after arts. This week we also started a book buzz project. It seems like its very important to Mr.Jim. Wich is very very common with reading. In our Book Buzz project, readers will show how they have used multiple strategies in one single book. A picture of the reading strategies is below. 

Screen shot 2014-09-12 at 2.40.45 PM

P3 Workshop

This week in P3 workshop we have been learning about continents and maps.  we have all memorized the seven continents North America, South America, Africa, Europe, Asia,Australia and Antarctica. We also learned the main oceans, Pacific, Indian, Atlantic.  We all made our own maps all colored in and labeledd.  We also learned about latitude and longitude.  We also learned about ebola and made connections to different continents and found some fun facts.

Current Events/Issues

This week in Issues, we talked about the Ebola disease. Ms. Kalei told as much as she knew about it to the class, and we will talk more.  The class was able to discuss some brief points about the disease including it’s origin, it’s current outbreak, how it impacts people, how health workers are aiding the crisis, and how residents of Liberia specifically have been affected by the virus. We talked about how scientists study Ebola in animals and are also looking for a cure. We did not discuss how Ebola impacts the body graphically, students may have questions about this at home. 

Book Buddies

Today in book buddies before we could start to read we talked about what Joy is and how we show Joy. It was cool to hear what are book buddies do to show Joy. A lot of them talked about doing stuff  like being nice and about actions that they did for people to show joy. We are still working on helping and encouraging them to start to sound out words if they can’t read yet.

Ms. Kalei’s Math Group

This week in Ms. Kalei’s math group we did place value from hundred thousands to millions. We represented place value on graph paper, showing one, ten, hundred, thousand and ten-thousand. Some students made keys and broke a single square of graph paper into ten sections; thousand was only a hundred graph paper squares and so on. We also discussed the array model for multi-digit multiplication, multiplying by tens by removing the place value, and using a partial products method. In our new unit on multi-digit operations, students will learn/explore several different methods and then choose the one that is most efficient for them. 

Mr. Jim’s Math Group

1s,10s,100s,1,000s,10,000s! We also started looking at house plans because we are going to start working on our house floor plans. We are learning all about area and perimeter. We are focusing on arrays. An array is a visual representation of the physical area in a multiplication/division problem. 

Ms. Kandi’s Math Group

This week in Math Workshop students shared observations about the factors of the whole numbers 1 – 12 and reviewed the definition of a prime and composite number. They also examined and shared observations about the factors of 36. We reviewed the familiar, easily memorized multiplication facts, identified the facts we still need to learn, and explored strategies for deriving the answers to unknown facts using the area model for multiplication.  Students learned a game called Arrays to 100 that helps to develop flexibility and fluency with multiplication facts.  Next week our group will receive a ‘Solving Multiplication Facts’ booklet to share with families at home.  This book has strategies that can help students make sense of and master the basic multiplication facts.

Ms. Pam’s Math Group

This week in Ms. Pam’s math group, we have been doing geometry for homework, and plotting points. We are also working with factors and finding complicated patterns in a multiplication chart. For example, we have been doing things like finding all the 36’s on the chart, and finding out how many more there would be if the chart stretched all the way across the room. On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday we did some probability work (one time in Mr. Chris’s room!) with beans. Two students worked on a computer with BuzzMath when they were done.

Questions to Ask Your Child at Home

  • How do you show joy?
  • What is your small moment story about?
  • Do a theater presentation of the seven continents. What facts can you add to the world map?

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