Newsletter 8 – 10/2/14

Ms. Kalei is in charge of all blogging this week, as the lack of school Friday prevented students from typing it up. 


  • This week we finished up all of our NWEA tests.
  • Students do have homework over the break, they have been asked to log 100 minutes of reading and complete a short writing assignment, which can be found here.  It came home in silver folders on Thursday, but we know some were forgotten.
  • We are asking families to participate in a 4/5 classroom survey.
  • Please schedule a conference with us if you have not yet been able to.

Writers Workshop

In writers workshop we started writing paragraphs about the topic sentences we generated last week. We expanded on the “I am” statements by learning a new paragraph structure: Topic Sentence, Explanation, Anecdote, Lesson/Importance. We will be building on our identity maps soon by color coding. We will explore what parts of our identities are given, chosen, both, and neither. In arts and performing arts, we are integrating our identity work. More on this from students after the break.

Readers Workshop

In readers workshop, students finished up their realistic fiction books. They worked on a triple venn diagram that compared setting, characters and plot in their novels.

P3 Workshop

In P3 this week we did map projects to demonstrate our knowledge of Indiana. Students worked in groups of 2-5 to draw a large scale map of Indiana. They were responsible for labeling Indianapolis and Bloomington, the North, Central, and Southern regions of the state, the Ohio River, Wabash River, and Lake Michigan, and all the bordering states. They had to record other measures on their maps such as major airports, rainfall, Native languages, natural resources, etc. Students presented these maps to the entire class.

Math Workshop

In Ms. Kandi’s group, we began the week with a post assessment for our first unit of study.  Students completed a variety of tasks revolving around multiplication and division concepts.  We discussed the terms centimeter and decimeter and measured various objects in the classroom using base-10 pieces.  We ended the week with determining the area of each base-10 piece in square centimeters and discussed the fact that the area of each piece represents its place value.  Students also built models of of the base-10 pieces through 10,000 to display on the classroom wall.

In Ms. Kalei’s group, we learned the algorithm for long division. We practiced with multidigit numbers. Some students are working on dividing into decimals with the remainder. Some students are practicing placing the remainder on the top of the division “house.” We did area and perimeter, just a review. We also took an assessment for unit two. Students have long division homework for the break. If they misplaced it before they got home…here is a digital copy.

In Mr. Jim’s Math Group, we’ve been exploring all sorts of different strategies for multiplying 2-digit numbers by 2-digit numbers. We’ve been working on arrays, abbreviated arrays, the box method, chinese stick method, partial product, and the standard algorithm.

In Ms. Pam’s Group, students have jumped into their first math project.  With this project students have to come up with something that represents themselves using any of the math concepts they have learned so far.  Many have decided to make a game or chose something in their life such as backyard chickens or their bedroom to use as the first step to creating this project.  Students also worked on finding area of irregular shapes, algebraic equations, and understanding decimals.

Questions to Ask Your Child at Home

  • What can you teach me about Indiana?
  • How are you helping out your 4/5 community? What are you excited to take a break from? What are you excited to get back to in two weeks?
  • What goals do you have for yourself at this point in the year?
  • What realistic fiction book did you read?


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