Newsletter 10 – 10/31/14

The newsletter this week is all Ms. Kalei!


Book clubs and LLI groups meet. This week we started our first round of book clubs with the majority of the class. These book clubs will be focusing on several essential questions, including “What is normal?” and “Who decides that?” We will also be thinking about how to nurture empathy. While some students are in book clubs, other students are working in small reading groups (LLI) to help them tackle new strategies for comprehending an analyzing texts. For more specific information on what your child is doing during readers time, please contact your line teacher.

Writers Workshop

In writers workshop this week, we worked on our Identity Map Coding project. We also talked about the introductory paragraph and the concluding paragraph in our writing. Each of these paragraphs has a format that students spent time of over the course of the week. On Friday, they worked to complete their first draft. Teachers will be giving feedback based on these drafts and students will begin the process of publishing next Thursday. We will not have a typical celebration for this writing piece because students still need to finish their visual and performing arts pieces. We will celebrate all this work together.

Math Workshop

In Ms. Kalei’s group this week we talked about liquid measurement (gallons, quarts, pints, cups, fluid ounces). Please help your child at home by asking them to draw you the gallon diagram. Students worked on converting different measurements (i.e. 1/4 gallon = ___ pints) and wrote story problems to solve collaboratively. Students are also reviewing the standard multiplication algorithm. We are moving into a study of fractions. Students will begin with a guided discovery of some manipulatives on Monday.

In Ms. Pam’s group, This week students worked on understanding what makes the biggest product.  Students rearranges five numbers in order to find out what numbers if they multiply together give them a bigger product for example is 92×18 bigger than 98×12.  They also did work with understanding Greatest Common factor and negative numbers.

In Ms. Kandi’s group, students built arrays for 2-by-2-digit multiplication combinations and wrote their own story problems.  We then spent time learning to use base-10 grid paper to sketch rectangular arrays instead of building them.  We will continue to practice solving these problems by breaking the numbers apart into tens and ones, as well as, using the traditional algorithm.

Mr. Jim’s group has been working on learning several methods to solve multi-digit multiplication, measuring lengths in centimeters, and a little work with fractions and decimals.

P3 Workshop

In P3 this week we started our study of Earth Science. Students spent time investigating different kinds of rocks. They did a little pre-unit work by writing down everything they know about rocks and they had fabulous observations. Students are working on skits to demonstrate and show how metamorphic, igneous, and sedimentary rocks form. They are also writing nonfiction comics to teach some of this new information to a K/1 audience.

Current Events

In current events this week we discussed an article from Teaching Tolerance about a young girl who visited the Muncie Children’s Museum and noticed a lack of racial diversity in one of the exhibits. You can read the article to find out how social activism starts so young!

Questions to Ask Your Child at Home

  • What is the thesis of your essay?
  • What are you doing as a reader right now?
  • Tell me/show me one of your classroom procedures.


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