Newsletter 13 – 11/23/14


This week a lot happened.

Bad news: Our wonderful Ms. Teena‚Äôs leaving. We will miss her greatly, and hope she comes back. ūüė¶

Neutral news: We got new work spots! And habits! Our work spots are where we go whenever we have to do independent work. The work habits are rules we strive to work towards. They help us get our assignments done on time. The work habits are: Be Northern (get to work), Solve Your Problems (fix it), Focus (stay on task), and Set Goals (what will you get done now?).

We also took a self- survey/assessment of how we are doing in the classroom. We said how we think we are doing on each of our CARES skills, and our agreements. These were only seen by the teachers.

News: Also, our beloved teacher Mr. Robert sent some updates about his trip to Montreal. He is sick, cold, miserable, and likes New York bagels way better than Montreal bagels. He is right next to Chinatown, though, so he is getting lots of delicious soup. We hope he feels better.

¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†Good news: The Variety of Talent Show is coming up! See details in Performing Arts. ‚ÜĎ If your child is performing, give encouragement!

Morning Meeting

We have some more people choosing some more games for the morning to start off the day and we have fun doing some of the same games that we played at the first day of this year and on friday we played using self control wall listening to music. some people were dancing with friends and having fun and when the music stops the people stop and we have to use self control and stop and if you do not stop moving you are frozen and  you stay like that for the rest of the game an till a teacher says your back in the game.


In issues this week we worked on a survey created by Charlotte. Students worked to code passions choices in their perception of whether the passions was predominantly male, predominantly female, or gender neutral. Charlotte will be doing some analysis with the data she gathered in this anonymous survey.

Book Buddies

For book buddies we shared our earth science comics we made in P3. We had our own full color comic and a copied one. After we read them our comic we then gave them the copied version for their book bin. We saved he full colored version for the MAW (Museum of Authentic Work) at the end of the year.

Readers Workshop/Writers Workshop

This week in readers workshop we finished our book clubs. Now we are writing  book club  recommendations on the book we read.We are free to express our opinion on whatever book we read.We are recommending these books to our classmates today. Then we will make a new book club book choice. (With the same books we have been reading.)  In our final meeting we had a chalk talk about our books then we talked about what we said on the chalk talk. We thought about the four responses to the text: feeling, thinking, believing, doing. I think we all like the chalk talks that we have often in all our subjects.

P3 Workshop

In P3 this week we finished our earth science comics we read to our book buddies.

Math Workshop

This week in Ms. Kalei’s math group started a map project where we have had to measure the perimeter and convert it to kilometers and then miles. Students had to complete computation practice and took a final assessment on our fractions/division unit. 

This week in Ms. Pam’s Math Group we have started working on our projects! We have also been working on a new chapter in our math work. This chapter is full of fractions, decimals, and percentages. Ask your child what per and cent means!

This week in¬†Mr. Jim’s group¬†we are working on ruler division and also multiplication flash cards.we also did egg carton fractions with partners where we do a fraction and then our partner makes an equivalent fraction that is different than the one we made.we also worked on on doing a sheet that has multiplication story problems.

This week in Ms. Kandi’s group we discussed the attributes of a story problem.¬† The goals of this discussion were to help students when they write their own problems, prompt them to think critically about problems that are posed to them, and help them see that just as we solve problems in different ways, we also find different kinds of problems engaging and interesting.¬† Students examined and evaluated a variety of problems and chose one to solve.¬† Students thought about some of the things they need to do to solve problems and show their work in an effective way.¬† The group created their own class guidelines for solving story problems and showing their work. We ended the week with an assessment to show what we learned in this unit.

Performing Arts

In performing arts this week , we have been sharing our soundtracks of me with other students on Mr. Chris‚Äôs speakers. Also, we read from the script ‚ÄúGoing West‚ÄĚ while learning the dance moves and singing the songs. We are all very excited to start working on the play! One more thing we have been doing, is learning a bit more about the variety show!!

Remember, the Variety of Talent is on Wednesday, December 17, 8:30 A.M. Make sure to put it on your calendar, because your child might be performing!


Newsletter 12 – 11/14/14

Cardinal Stage Update

On December 18, 2014…we will be going to see Shrek! The Musical. We will need $6.50 to cover the cost of tickets for this performance. We happily accept donations to help those who cannot cover the cost of their ticket. You can send money in with your child any time before the performance.

Writers Workshop

This week in writers we are publishing our identity essays some of the essays have been on google docs and some on loose leaf. the due date was this week on wednesday. We are going to have a celebration in early December. Right now we are working  on our  demand pieces we will be working on persuasive essays.

Readers Workshop

This week in readers workshop we had our book meetings. Many people are finding that the books they are reading are much sadder than they thought their books would be. We had a special assignment in wich they think about their beleifes what they think and do and how they feel about the book they are reading. ¬†Students are learning how they can have multiple responses to a text: emotional, moral, intellectual, and social.¬†When you’re young scholar gets home please help to comfort them. ¬†Two weeks ago we finished Flora and Ulysses!Now we are reading ‚ÄúJoey Pigza Swallowed the Key‚ÄĚ.

P3 Workshop

This week in P3 we finished taking notes on glaciers,volcanoes,earthquakes, wind and water and where small rocks come from. We are starting to write comics about them. We will share them with our book buddies when they are finished.

Math Workshop

Ms. Kalei’s Math Group:¬†This week in math we have been working on fraction work, including mixed numbers, improper fractions, adding and subtracting fractions, and making equivalent fractions. Also, we have been working on number menus. Now, every week we do a multiplication assessments. The multiplication assessment is out of simple facts where we need to memorize them.

Mr. Jim’s Group – We have been working on our 1,s through 9,s multiplication facts. We are working with egg cartons to make fractions. We are thinking about clocks and rulers and how they are the same and different.

This week in Ms. Kandi’s group we played a new game called Moolah in My Mind.¬† This game is designed to provide more practice with multi-digit multiplication using the landmark numbers provided by coin values.¬† A Home Connection providing more practice multiplying coin values and quick sketching multiplication arrays was sent home.¬† Toward the end of the week we learned another new game called More or Less Multiplication which offers practice with basic multiplication facts, as well as multiplying 2-digit by 1-digit numbers.¬† We also extended our work with solving multi-digit problems to writing our own story problems.

In Ms. Pam’s math group student have been working on understanding a new process called the “Giant One” ¬†students used this process to simplify fractions and make equivalent fractions.¬† We also got our second project.¬† We have to connect the project to the real world using fractions of some sort and connect it to our through lines.¬† We also have to make a visual representation for everyone to see.¬† Some ideas student have are creating a model of the globe and discussing populations around the world or connecting the idea of consumer and producers and taxes and how the economy counts on us to buy things.

Morning Meeting

Hello – in activity¬†– we have been pulling sticks and they pick 3 people and they ¬†pick an game and we played statue garden and ¬†we had to talk to the group and we talk about how people were being not respectful¬†¬†or caring for each other and not making it work and it is getting harder to play.¬†Students had a chance to discuss the difference in competitive and community building. As our community grows it’s a continued challenge to negotiate conflict.

In greeting, we did the switch people greeting. This is how you do it  you walk up to someone you have never greeted before and give them a nice handshake. Now go sit next to the person you greeted .

Book Buddies

In book buddies we were talking about something in our life that made us proud. We have still been working on helping our book buddies sound out words that they don’t know.

Current Events

This week in current events and issues, students spent time comparing and contrasting Indy Kids and Scholastic News. Students wrote about the features/sections, types of stories, and speculated on the point of view in each publication. We had a brief conversation about how news stories get formed and get fame.

Performing Arts

In performing arts we are having the variety show December 17! (Please come)! We are auditioning for it and we’re very, very excited! Some of the things we can do in the  variety show is, singing, dancing, playing an instrument and you can even do gymnastics! Along with that we finished our identity pieces on Wednesday and worked on them Monday.

Visual Arts

We have been working on our identity projects. So if your child brings home their project make sure they they don’t get it lost because they really want to get it done. The kids in the art class have been working really hard, and might I say they are doing awesome. So I hope you had fun reading this article.

Committee Updates

Blog Committee Рwe have been blogging our hearts out. we all love it and  hope to keep you informed.we love when you read our work.

Gender Committee Р It started from an group of outraged girls about a dress code.Now it is a group on how stereotypes originated and more!

Library Committee Рwe spend our monday and wednesday sorting and rating books.we all have a love of books and want to share it with our class mates.  

Questions to Ask Your Child

  • Are you going to do anything the variety show?
  • How are you helping your book buddy learn?
  • What identity project in art are you doing?

Newsletter 11 – 11/8/14


This week, we walked to the Monroe County Library to see 2/3 perform their play of The Jungle Book. It was amazing!! We would like  to applaud the entire 2/3 class who worked so hard on this production. We also did a quick initiatives games, in which we must get across a river of lava using four fabric dots and a tablecloth. We also had the Little Bullying Committee show us a variety of skits. Ask your child about it!

Cardinal Production Update

On December 18, 2014…we will be going to see Shrek! The Musical. We will need $6.50 to cover the cost of tickets for this performance. We happily accept donations to help those who cannot cover the cost of their ticket. You can send money in with your child any time before the performance.

Readers Workshop

This week we continued to be in book clubs. Your child is in one of these book clubs. Mockingbird, Home of the brave, Rules, Out of my mind, So , and ,Star girl. They might also be in an LLI group during this time. We have changed the schedule of the book clubs. Meetings 4/5 have been changed to accommodate more in class reading time. Now Mockingbird and So B. It will have meetings on Tuesday 11/11 and Friday 11/14. Rules, Out of My Mind, Stargirl, and Home of the Brave will meet on 11/12 and 11/17. 

Writers Workshop

In writers this week we are working on are identity essay. Some of us are doing google docs and looseleaf and revising.¬†Students are publishing. The deadline is next Wednesday 11/12. We will celebrate this work in the first week of December. We’ll have an update for you soon!¬†

P3 Workshop

This week in P3 we got a new indykids.‚ÄĚindykids‚ÄĚ is a newspaper written by kids in New York.We read it with our reading partners. We also did our rock skits.¬†Students are working on Earth Science concepts in P3. They are reading sand and silt books and generating notes on glaciers, earthquakes, where small rocks come from, and other topic.¬†

Math Workshop

This week in Ms. Kalei‚Äôs math group we started doing equivalent fractions. We have also been doing problems¬†with the cuisenaire rods. Students have been working on calculating common denominators and comparing fractions as greater than/less than. We’ve been practicing some “I have, who has” games.¬†

This week in Ms. Pam’s Math Group we have been (as always) working on project work, some math story problems, and… exponents!!*cheer* Ms. Pam was gone for Friday, so the wonderful Mr. Ben kept an eye on us and helped us (A LOT) while we worked on our checkpoint. We have checkpoints at the end of every section to make sure we have learned what we need to in that section, so we were working on one for adding and subtracting decimals. After that we worked on fix and finish, projects, and then made really hard equations for each other on the board.

In Mr. Jim’s group we continued to work on multi-digit multiplication. We finished a unit assessment. We shared roles of math coach.¬†

This week in Math Workshop we practiced finding the product of 2-by-2 digit multiplication problems using a frame called a skeleton array.  This activity helps students visualize rectangular array models for 2-digit multiplication problems and provides an important link between the concrete models students have been using to multiply and the more abstract process of finding products without base-10 pieces.  We then learned how to fill in an array by sketching labeled rectangles instead of using Base-10 grid paper.  Students used this quick-sketch method to find the products of 4 x 13 and 6 x 15.  At the end of the week students used the landmark numbers provided by coin values to continue developing sound strategies for multi-digit multiplication, while also reviewing work with money.  We will continue this work next week.

Book Buddies

In book buddies they read us their personal narratives and we gave them hamburger feedback. Hamburger feedback is when you give them a positive, critical, positive.

Visual Arts

This week in visual arts we have been doing our identity projects. A identity project is a thing that describes you as a person inside and out!

Performing Arts

In performing arts, we have been working on are identity songs in garage band. There is a thing called loops (where a ready made tune is playing)  and then something were you make your own music. We have to have four parts in our song that are played differently but with the same tune you made running through it.