Newsletter 11 – 11/8/14


This week, we walked to the Monroe County Library to see 2/3 perform their play of The Jungle Book. It was amazing!! We would like  to applaud the entire 2/3 class who worked so hard on this production. We also did a quick initiatives games, in which we must get across a river of lava using four fabric dots and a tablecloth. We also had the Little Bullying Committee show us a variety of skits. Ask your child about it!

Cardinal Production Update

On December 18, 2014…we will be going to see Shrek! The Musical. We will need $6.50 to cover the cost of tickets for this performance. We happily accept donations to help those who cannot cover the cost of their ticket. You can send money in with your child any time before the performance.

Readers Workshop

This week we continued to be in book clubs. Your child is in one of these book clubs. Mockingbird, Home of the brave, Rules, Out of my mind, So , and ,Star girl. They might also be in an LLI group during this time. We have changed the schedule of the book clubs. Meetings 4/5 have been changed to accommodate more in class reading time. Now Mockingbird and So B. It will have meetings on Tuesday 11/11 and Friday 11/14. Rules, Out of My Mind, Stargirl, and Home of the Brave will meet on 11/12 and 11/17. 

Writers Workshop

In writers this week we are working on are identity essay. Some of us are doing google docs and looseleaf and revising. Students are publishing. The deadline is next Wednesday 11/12. We will celebrate this work in the first week of December. We’ll have an update for you soon! 

P3 Workshop

This week in P3 we got a new indykids.”indykids” is a newspaper written by kids in New York.We read it with our reading partners. We also did our rock skits. Students are working on Earth Science concepts in P3. They are reading sand and silt books and generating notes on glaciers, earthquakes, where small rocks come from, and other topic. 

Math Workshop

This week in Ms. Kalei’s math group we started doing equivalent fractions. We have also been doing problems with the cuisenaire rods. Students have been working on calculating common denominators and comparing fractions as greater than/less than. We’ve been practicing some “I have, who has” games. 

This week in Ms. Pam’s Math Group we have been (as always) working on project work, some math story problems, and… exponents!!*cheer* Ms. Pam was gone for Friday, so the wonderful Mr. Ben kept an eye on us and helped us (A LOT) while we worked on our checkpoint. We have checkpoints at the end of every section to make sure we have learned what we need to in that section, so we were working on one for adding and subtracting decimals. After that we worked on fix and finish, projects, and then made really hard equations for each other on the board.

In Mr. Jim’s group we continued to work on multi-digit multiplication. We finished a unit assessment. We shared roles of math coach. 

This week in Math Workshop we practiced finding the product of 2-by-2 digit multiplication problems using a frame called a skeleton array.  This activity helps students visualize rectangular array models for 2-digit multiplication problems and provides an important link between the concrete models students have been using to multiply and the more abstract process of finding products without base-10 pieces.  We then learned how to fill in an array by sketching labeled rectangles instead of using Base-10 grid paper.  Students used this quick-sketch method to find the products of 4 x 13 and 6 x 15.  At the end of the week students used the landmark numbers provided by coin values to continue developing sound strategies for multi-digit multiplication, while also reviewing work with money.  We will continue this work next week.

Book Buddies

In book buddies they read us their personal narratives and we gave them hamburger feedback. Hamburger feedback is when you give them a positive, critical, positive.

Visual Arts

This week in visual arts we have been doing our identity projects. A identity project is a thing that describes you as a person inside and out!

Performing Arts

In performing arts, we have been working on are identity songs in garage band. There is a thing called loops (where a ready made tune is playing)  and then something were you make your own music. We have to have four parts in our song that are played differently but with the same tune you made running through it.

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