Newsletter 13 – 11/23/14


This week a lot happened.

Bad news: Our wonderful Ms. Teena’s leaving. We will miss her greatly, and hope she comes back. 😦

Neutral news: We got new work spots! And habits! Our work spots are where we go whenever we have to do independent work. The work habits are rules we strive to work towards. They help us get our assignments done on time. The work habits are: Be Northern (get to work), Solve Your Problems (fix it), Focus (stay on task), and Set Goals (what will you get done now?).

We also took a self- survey/assessment of how we are doing in the classroom. We said how we think we are doing on each of our CARES skills, and our agreements. These were only seen by the teachers.

News: Also, our beloved teacher Mr. Robert sent some updates about his trip to Montreal. He is sick, cold, miserable, and likes New York bagels way better than Montreal bagels. He is right next to Chinatown, though, so he is getting lots of delicious soup. We hope he feels better.

     Good news: The Variety of Talent Show is coming up! See details in Performing Arts. ↑ If your child is performing, give encouragement!

Morning Meeting

We have some more people choosing some more games for the morning to start off the day and we have fun doing some of the same games that we played at the first day of this year and on friday we played using self control wall listening to music. some people were dancing with friends and having fun and when the music stops the people stop and we have to use self control and stop and if you do not stop moving you are frozen and  you stay like that for the rest of the game an till a teacher says your back in the game.


In issues this week we worked on a survey created by Charlotte. Students worked to code passions choices in their perception of whether the passions was predominantly male, predominantly female, or gender neutral. Charlotte will be doing some analysis with the data she gathered in this anonymous survey.

Book Buddies

For book buddies we shared our earth science comics we made in P3. We had our own full color comic and a copied one. After we read them our comic we then gave them the copied version for their book bin. We saved he full colored version for the MAW (Museum of Authentic Work) at the end of the year.

Readers Workshop/Writers Workshop

This week in readers workshop we finished our book clubs. Now we are writing  book club  recommendations on the book we read.We are free to express our opinion on whatever book we read.We are recommending these books to our classmates today. Then we will make a new book club book choice. (With the same books we have been reading.)  In our final meeting we had a chalk talk about our books then we talked about what we said on the chalk talk. We thought about the four responses to the text: feeling, thinking, believing, doing. I think we all like the chalk talks that we have often in all our subjects.

P3 Workshop

In P3 this week we finished our earth science comics we read to our book buddies.

Math Workshop

This week in Ms. Kalei’s math group started a map project where we have had to measure the perimeter and convert it to kilometers and then miles. Students had to complete computation practice and took a final assessment on our fractions/division unit. 

This week in Ms. Pam’s Math Group we have started working on our projects! We have also been working on a new chapter in our math work. This chapter is full of fractions, decimals, and percentages. Ask your child what per and cent means!

This week in Mr. Jim’s group we are working on ruler division and also multiplication flash cards.we also did egg carton fractions with partners where we do a fraction and then our partner makes an equivalent fraction that is different than the one we made.we also worked on on doing a sheet that has multiplication story problems.

This week in Ms. Kandi’s group we discussed the attributes of a story problem.  The goals of this discussion were to help students when they write their own problems, prompt them to think critically about problems that are posed to them, and help them see that just as we solve problems in different ways, we also find different kinds of problems engaging and interesting.  Students examined and evaluated a variety of problems and chose one to solve.  Students thought about some of the things they need to do to solve problems and show their work in an effective way.  The group created their own class guidelines for solving story problems and showing their work. We ended the week with an assessment to show what we learned in this unit.

Performing Arts

In performing arts this week , we have been sharing our soundtracks of me with other students on Mr. Chris’s speakers. Also, we read from the script “Going West” while learning the dance moves and singing the songs. We are all very excited to start working on the play! One more thing we have been doing, is learning a bit more about the variety show!!

Remember, the Variety of Talent is on Wednesday, December 17, 8:30 A.M. Make sure to put it on your calendar, because your child might be performing!

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