Newsletter 14 – 12/7/14


Thursday we did a whole class written conversation (“chalk talk”) for current events using the questions “What current events have you heard of?”; “What issues do you hope we learn about this year?”; “What questions do you have about current events?”; “What are your sources for news?” This morning, students looked for themes that emerged in those conversations by rereading the chart paper. The three themes that they identified were the events Ferguson, Ebola, and global warming. Since we have already discussed Ebola and global warming this year and last year, we asked them to complete the statement “I’ve heard___ and I heard it from___” in relation to recent violent events in the U.S.  After students heard from one another, they had the opportunity to write questions. They may come home with these on their mind. As we said when we shared with your our plans for continuing conversations about current events and issues, we are committed to being genuinely responsive to what is on the minds of our students.  Please know that we are fully aware of the multiple viewpoints and want students to feel safe to share, examine, and questions their beliefs.  We plan to follow up based on the questions that were generated by the class. We will keep you informed of next steps as they are developed.

Also, on the 18th, we will be seeing the play of Shrek. The admission is $6.50, so if you have not sent that to school with your child yet, please do. If you can, we would appreciate if you would send in a bit of extra money to pay for a family who cannot afford to pay it themselves.

Morning Meeting

So for a greeting for today we were thinking about what a new greeting will be and so we were thinking about what animal for our greeting and some very  funny things and we might use them for an greeting and that is what we did for the morning.

Book Buddies

In book buddies we did not talk about anything,we just read. We are still working on helping our book buddies that can not read sound out words. Our book buddies have their own just right reading level of books that they can read. It is fun to hear them read a book they can read by themselves,because we are working on helping them sound out words and we are so proud!

Math Workshop

This week in Ms. Pam’s Math group we have started doing a very long section on converting fractions, decimals, and fractions into each other.

This week in Mr. Jim’s math group we have been working on adding fractions. We have also been figuring out how to find equivalent fractions. Today we started a small assessment on fractions.We also started a new math practice this week. We also got a packet that is like 8 pages long!

This week in Ms. Kalei’s Group we  in Ms. Kalei’s math group we have been working on adding and subtracting uneven fractions, then we started a unit on geometry. Today, on friday, we took our pre-assessment for geometry. there was a shape that we had to explain all of the meanings for the shape.

This week in Ms. Kandi’s group we began a new unit on Fractions and Division.  You should have received a family letter explaining this unit in more detail.  Students began by exploring and recording various ways to divide the square geoboard into halves.  While testing the pairs of halves to prove that they were indeed of equal size, students also explored area, congruency, and symmetry.  Students also completed a pre assessment  to demonstrate their current understandings of fractions, division, and remainders. At the end of the week, students explored how to divide foot-long strips into halves, fourths, thirds, sixths, and twelfhs .  They used these strips to compare fractions, explore equivalent fractions, and add fractions informally.

Readers Workshop

This week we started a new book club round. All the book club books are the same as last round except for the two new books “Joey Pigza swallowed the key”, and “Just Juice”. All the book club groups meet on Friday. Today we did an activity where we compared ourselves to the character in our book. Then if we had time we were supposed to do a visual representation of our reading. Some groups did not get to that part of the activity. A lot of kids had to take their books home. So that would give them extra reading minutes. We can’t wait for our next book club meeting. Readers spent time this week finding the mood of the setting, citing evidence of this, and also comparing that to the character’s attitude toward the setting.

Writers Workshop

In writers this week we  are working on our persuasive essay.  we have also been working on our buy  local in p3  and persuasive essays.The teaching points for this week are. Writers summarize information from  many sources. Students have received several resources to read, summarize, and take notes on that relate to the buy local/buy big box/buy online movements. They are comparing information to the “pro” and “con” of buying local.

P3 Workshop

This week in P3 we started economics. We’ve been researching the buy local movement. We also did a chalk talk about issues the next day we talked about the thing that came up most. We had deep thoughts. The thing that came up most about white police shooting people with dark skin.It was a tense topic but we had a proceduer to make sure most people weren’t in their danger zone.

Visual Arts

This week we got are art to remember, and we are finishing up our identity projects.we are going to start set design “GOING WEST!” So make sure to ask your child how their Visual Arts went that day.

Performing Arts

Mr. Chris gave us a little reflection form asking us about how we felt about our identity pieces and he asked us about the tune of our main piece in the music. After we finished the reflection form we rehearsed our songs of “Going West”, and learned the dance moves to the songs.

Snack Schedule

We are all out of snack in 4/5. Here is the snack schedule.

Week of 12/8 – Last names that begin with R-W
Week of 12/15 – Last names that begin with A-H
Week of 1/5 – Last names that begin with I-L
Week of 1/12 – Last names that begin with M-P

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