Newsletter 16 – 12/21/14


We saw Shrek. We talked about theme and what the the theme of Shrek was. We came to way more than one theme theory.

We also had the Variety of Talent Show on Wednesday and parents and family came and we all had a great time. We are all so proud of all the brave performers in all the classes. There was a violin song at the beginning and then at the end we had Jazz Band sing “Hotel California” and everything else was AMAZING! We would also love to thank Ms. Sadie, for a wonderful year! She has been so kind, and we will miss her SO MUCH! We wish you luck in the wilds of college! You’re wonderful Ms. Sadie!!

This week in our read aloud we had a classwide debate. We have been reading Joey Pigza Swallowed the Key by Jack Gantos. In the book, Joey, an excitable and energetic spirit, is working on a project involving his teacher’s scissors (which he’s taken without asking), when the rule-enforcer and class leader Maria walks in front of Joey. With the scissors wide open, he snips off the tip of her nose! We’ve been debating whether or not Maria’s nose getting cut off was her fault or not.

Math Workshop

In Ms. Kandi’s group we began the week with a game called Dozens of Eggs.  This game built on the fraction combining activities from last week.  We then used an analog clock as another model for fractions.  The concepts and activities in this session served to increase students’ comfort with the clock face, as well as with fractions.

This week in Ms. Kalei’s math group we have been been working on exact triangle stars with Ms. Pam’s math group. We have also been working on nets. Nets are a thing when you have a two dimensions and then put them into three dimensions. Over the break, students will have homework to practice their area formula skills. You can find a pdf of the homework here. We are having homework because ms. Kalei assigned it for practice on the break to remember.

This week in Mr. Jim’s group we did an assessment on division.We cleaned out our folders in prep for the break. We checked our GIANT 8 PAGE PACKET and then turned it along with all of our other pages from our folders.

This week in Ms. Pam’s group we have been working with Ms. Kalei’s group to make perfectly even stars with protractors, and shape garlands with 3-D webs. We are very happy to be spending some time with them!

P3 Workshop

This week in P3 we continued reading History Of Us. We read a chapter about tribes and did a project about the Inuit. It included their religion,food and homes. Later we did a lesson on what inventions tribes made that we use today. Including rubber balls, detergents, disability rights,domesticated animals,bridges,bunk beds etc. It’s fun learning about history that way!

Writers Workshop

In  writers this week we  went over body paragraphs and introductory paragraphs for our buy local or none buy local. today Friday we are going to learn how to write a concluding paragraph.

Readers Workshop

This week we finished our book clubs. This was our last round of book clubs in our Realistic Fiction unit.For the activity we made cool bumper stickers. They showed the theme that we thought was in our books. Many people did things like never give up or follow your heart. This week we continued to read Joey Pigza. What happened was that Joey was trying to make bumper stickers, to try and change the world. So he was running down the aisle with sharp scissors and he accidently cut the tip of Maria’s nose off with the scissors. We all no know not to run with scissors. EVER!

Performing Arts

We practiced “Going West” and we are trying to memorize the wonderful songs that some of the 6/7/8 kids have done. We are also working on getting the dance moves for one of the songs, Load up the Prairie Schooner. Ask your child to do the hand motion for it!

Visual Arts

This week in visual arts we have been doing task! Task is a thing that you do if you have the amazing Ms. Sara as a teacher, what you do as you write down two things that are weird or cool or whatever, you put it in a basket and you shake it and draw from the basket, then you have to do that task in a creative way, and sometimes you will draw your own!

Book Buddies

In book buddies we did not have anything to discuss this time. We are still working on helping our book buddies that cannot read sound out words. That is something we will be working on the whole year.  In the variety show we got to see our K-1 book buddies sing a song from their play: Where The Sidewalk Ends.

Morning Meeting

Good morning we are doing one similar game and it is were we all start out a baby werewolf then we play rock paper scissor and then if you win you turn into a robot and the person that lost stays what they are and then after robot  and then there are some other things and these are zombie and happy cloud. This week we did the big mouth greeting  this is how we did  it you opened your mouth and said good morning ___________(some ones name).

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