Newsletter 19 – 1/25/15


We had such an amazing time during MLK Jr. Day! We discussed his life’s work, studied photos, and sang songs. We also made care packages for the Shalom Center. These were specifically for families with small children. They had: 2 diapers, 2 coloring books, 2 crayons, a juice box, a baby food package, and a personalized card. We are so grateful to MLK Jr. for his courage and passion.

Readers Workshop

This week we started a book for the read aloud called The Watsons Go To Birmingham by Christopher Paul Curtis. The Watsons live in flint michigan. The main character is a boy who has one older brother named Byron and a younger sister named Joetta. Their mother is from Alabama, and their father is from flint. The mother wants to move back to Alabama but the father wants to stay in flint with his sister. They are in the middle of a snowstorm so they are leaving their house to go to his sisters house which is much warmer than thier house.

One teaching point: Readers consider the scope of challenges a character faces (self, family, community, state, country, world).We did a sheet where wrote a quote of joy our book club book, a quote of injustice, and explain why.We also wrote wrote what we thought this quote by Bayard Rustin meant, “We are one, and if we don’t know it, we’ll learn it the hard way.”

Writers Workshop

This week in writers workshop we have started a new unit…POETRY!!! Normally in morning meeting we have jokes but to match our writers unit we have a poetry session. We have learned some new types of poetry – haiku, free verse and rhyming aa bb cc dd. The teaching points for this week are: Poets use specific language to paint a mental image.

P3 Workshop

This week in P3 we did more History Of Us and issues. In History Of Us we read about Plains (a native american tribe) and Mound Builders(also a tribe).  In issues we thought about joy and injustice in our world looking at Indy Kids articles. We wrote what we think is injustice and joy on two posters.

Math Workshop

This week in ms. Kalei’s math group we have been doing are math assessment for geometry. We have been working on geometry for two to three weeks now,  and we have finished doing the geometry unit. We have also started working on geometry, perimeter, area, volume, algebra, and much more. There are 36 cards with different questions on each card. All of the cards are different so we need to answer all of the cards in one little numbered box for each card.

This week in Mr. Jim’s math group we have been doing more geometry like symmetry and angles.we also have been working on learning how to make 3d shapes and also our problem solving sheets with our problem solving groups.our problem solving are where there are 3 or 4 people that we work as a group on  our problem solving papers.

This week Ms. Caitlin was absent for Thursday and Friday, so on Thursday Ms. Pam helped us (!!!!!) and on Friday we worked in the class library by ourselves. Almost everyone is done with their projects, so we will be starting new ones very soon! We are working on negatives and positives on a number line, and adding/subtracting/multiplying/dividing negatives and positives.

In Ms. Kandi’s group, we began the week by thinking about a story where 2 squirrels find a hidden cache of nuts in the hollow of an old tree and then have to share their treasure with increasing numbers of friends and relatives.  As they listened, students enacted the divisions using base-10 pieces.  Guidance was provided for discussing the traditional long division algorithm.  We then returned to the area model for division introduced earlier in the year.  After briefly reviewing the model, students used base-ten area pieces, along with sketches, to explore dividing 120 by a series of 1-digit numbers and by 11.  At the end of the week students worked on a post-assessment to show what they have learned about division.

Book Buddies

In book buddies this week, they shared their published books they made. It was very amazing to see their books that they worked on them very hard. It is also amazing to see because, we shared our earth science comics with them and now it is their turn to show us what they made.

Performing Arts

In performing arts this week, we got our scripts and we highlighted the parts in the songs and in the speaking parts. We also marched to the courthouse and sang our rehearsed songs in a peaceful protest. The songs we sang were “Singabahambayo “ “Oh, Freedom” and “Peace Like a River” and “We Shall Overcome” When we highlighted our lines, we went over the script so that way everyone could get used to their parts.

We also made a beautiful blend of “Peace Like A River” and “Oh Freedom”. They are polyphonic, and they sound amazing together!

Visual Arts

So far in arts we have have been working on mono prints. we have learned different art elements. we have had restrictions to what we are able to do but its still fun.We are going to start working on set design so fun! I hope all you folks are excited for the play.  We should have an existing set so make sure  to watch for it.


IMG_5146 IMG_5149 IMG_5150 IMG_5151 IMG_5152 IMG_5162 IMG_5163

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