Newsletter 21 – 2/6/2015


We have been working hard on our Going West play, but you can hear more about that in Performing and Visual arts.  A very important part of the Capstone project is Librarian Mentors! Each member of our library lunch committee has a few people they are in charge of finding resources for. The resources can be from our library, the public library, or other places.

P3 Workshop

This week in P3 we finished our assessment about Native Americans. The test included different tribes that we studied. We had to identify different words like “pueblos” and “longhouses”. We have been getting our information from History Of Us, that is a series that is about how we evolved and made inventions. We have finished our section about Native Americans.

Writers Workshop

In writers workshop this week we have learned some new poetry forms which are the tanka “dream” form and sonnet cinquain rhyme free verse ode and  haiku the shape poem and the kinnings and the word placements. We also worked on political poems like ebola,civil rights movement and others.The poem of the day is.

Readers Workshop

This week we started and finished a timeline project.We took quotes of injustices and moments of joy from our texts and put them in time order on our timelines.We wrote explanation why it represented joy or injustice too. We also finished our Historical fiction books. We are excited for their next unit. Although Ms. Kalei and Mr.Jim have not told us what the unit is yet. We have continued to read The Watsons Go To Birmingham. In the section we have introduced a new character his name is Rufus. the book talked about a former friend of his who stole his dinosaurs. And How his older brother By made it so he wasn’t bullied so much.

Math Workshop

This week in Ms. Kalei’s math group we have been working on doing addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of fractions and decimals. We have been working on how to be a  good partner.

This week in Mr. Jim’s math group we learned that lw means length times width which is the formula for area. We also got a huge packet with a ton of different math terms that we have to define what they mean there where small changes to our problem solving groups but we are still going with the groups. We got our assessments back with our scores on them.

In Ms. Caitlin’s math group, we have started some huge chapters, and started new projects. We are working on figuring out length without knowing the numbers. We have been doing a lot on number lines, positive and negative, and measurement. Also graphing on coordinate planes, and enlarging on coordinate planes.

In Ms. Kandi, this week students were introduced to a new game called Game Marker Goals, in which players tried to score goals by flicking game markers into a 10-centimeter wide goal area.  First, they flicked from 10-cm away, then 20-cm, and so on, until they flicked from 50 cm away from the goal line.  After making some observations and predictions about the likely outcomes of the game, students played Game Marker Goals in groups, recorded their own results, and then entered their results on a class chart. We then examined and discussed the data collected, and worked together to determine the total number of goals made by the class from each distance

Book Buddies

This week in book buddies this week we just got to read. Our book buddies are doing a non-fiction unit. They each have a topic that the are studying. It is very fun to read there non-fiction books because we learn stuff we don’t even know! Our book buddies look like they are very into their topics. They are recording information they learned on post-its and are sticking them on a folder. They have a lot of information!

Morning Meeting

Hello we have fun doing the game “hello” it is where you stand in the middle the room and you spin in a circle. The teacher says stop and you stop and you point at some and then in an disguise voice and then with there eyes closed  they guess the voice and if they get it right then they get to pick the next person to do it and if you get it wrong then you get to chose the next person  then it gosse on like that for all. This week we did the german greeting you say guten morgan (good morning in german) cool I know. one of our fellow students helped mr.Jim on how to pronounce it.

Visual Arts

This week in visual arts we are finally doing set design! If you don’t know what set design is, it is where we make the set props for the show. We are making things from trees to prairie schooners. We are getting in all the time we can. We are breaking off into committees, and it is working very well. We all hope the best and that all the set pieces get done. So that’s it ‘till the next update. I hope you all will enjoy the play.

Performing Arts

We have been working so so hard to memorize our lines, all the songs (our solos too) and the dance moves. Mr. Chris sent out papers that tell you who your children are in the play and it says what your child needs to wear for the big night! You should help your child know exactly what  their lines are  even if they have memorized their lines. Dreams is having their play at 7 o’clock and Hopes is having their play at 6 o’clock. Both of the plays are on the 17th at the Waldron. Everyone is very, very excited.

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