Newsletter 22 – 2/15/15

Readers Workshop

In reader’s, we have been focusing on constructed response english/language arts questions in preparation for upcoming standardized tests. We began this study by discussing what we know about standardized assessments. We moved through a problem solving strategy. We practiced reading fiction and nonfiction text excerpts and answering questions by coming up with ideas and supporting them with evidence from the text. Students were given feedback on responses and then revised their ideas. 

Writers Workshop

In writer’s workshop we finished up our work with poetry. Mr. Kreilkamp came in on Tuesday to teach the class about sonnets. Students learned the rhyme scheme and syllable makeup of sonnets and then worked in trios to build their own sonnet. On Thursday, we celebrated published poetry as a class. 

Math Workshop

This week in Mr. Jim’s group we continued working with probability. We looked at the difference between certain and impossible, likely and unlikely. We did lots of problem solving, including multi-step problems that required multiple operations. We worked in teams.

In Ms. Caitlin’s group we are working on enlarging and reducing shapes on a coordinate plane and explaining the relationship between an original and a changed shape. We have also started ISTEP practice.

In Ms. Kalei’s math group, we have been working through some complicated mathematical problems to prepare for upcoming standardized testing. We have been working on multiplying and dividing decimals. We have been using a number line to compare fractions, decimals, and percents. We played some computational fluency games to reinforce these skills. 

In Ms. Kandi’s group – Last week students were introduced to a new game called Game Marker Goals, in which players tried to score goals by flicking game markers into a 10-centimeter wide goal area.  First, they flicked from 10-cm away, then 20-cm, and so on, until they flicked from 50 cm away from the goal line.  After making some observations and predictions about the likely outcomes of the game, students played Game Marker Goals in groups, recorded their own results, and then entered their results on a class chart. We then examined and discussed the data collected, and worked together to determine the total number of goals made by the class from each distance.  We thought a lot about theoretical probability vs. experimental probability this week.

Art to Remember Update

On-line Art To Remember late orders are here! If you would like me to hold them in the visual arts room for pick-up please email me. Otherwise, all orders will go home with the oldest student in your family this Thursday, February 12th, 2015, 
Thanks for your support,
Ms. Sara          

Snack Schedule

Week of 2/16 – Last names that begin with R-W
Week of 2/23– Last names that begin with A-H
Week of 3/2 – Last names that begin with I-L
Week of 3/9 – Last names that begin with M-P

Questions to Ask Your Child at Home

  • What is happening in The Watsons Go to Birmingham?
  • How are you feeling about the upcoming play? 
  • What do self-directed learners do? 

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