Newsletter 26 – 4/5/15


We hope everyone has had a great spring break! We have talked about many juicy things (as Ms. Sara would say) this week. We talked about RFRA, the legislation that said companies can refuse to serve anyone if it endangers their religious beliefs and prejudice and race.

Intensives is on! We have been working on math in intensives this week. Students are studying complex problems, fractions, and efficient computation methods. 

Writers Workshop

This week in writers workshop, students began our new unit – FICTION! We are writing in any genre of fiction. We started the unit with an on-demand piece. Then we did some character analysis from a familiar short story. 

Readers Workshop

This week in Readers Workshop we started a new unit! We are reading a fiction chapter book of choice. We are focusing on the author’s purpose. One of our methods is called P.I.E. it stands for persuade, inform, and entertain. This week we continued to read the book The Watsons go to Birmingham. The Watsons are getting ready to go to Birmingham. The father in the book got a bunch of stuff to make the car more comfortable. They got a record player and  green tree thingy that makes the car smell better.

Math Workshop

This week in Ms. Kalei’s math group we have been working on multiplying fractions. We have been making/doing word problems, that have to do with multiplying fractions with mixed numbers.

In Ms. Kandi’s group, students examined the data they compiled from the 4-Cornered Spinner Game.  They made charts and graphs based on both the values of the spins and on the number of wins, and compared this to what they predicted.  Students then took a closer look at the two spinners in an attempt to make sense of the data they collected.  Students then played an unfair dice game, analyzed the data they collected during the game, and then thought about how the game could be revised to make it fair.

This week in Mr. Jim’s math group we got a packet that has a lot of graphs and definitions that we need to fill out. Our homework this week was all 2 digit times 2 digit or 3 digit times 2 digit. We also got a sheet of a lot of different word problems.

In Ms. Caitlin’s math group we have been working on ratios. On Thursday we spent the whole math attempting to figure out a certain homework question that had us stumped.

P3 Workshop

This week in P3 we finished our animals. We made up realistic animal that adapted to a random ecosystem. The teachers gave us human impacts on our ecosystem (bad things that happened).we adapted  to the changes or die if we choose to.

Snack Schedule

Week of 4/6 – Last names that begin with R-W
Week of 4/13– Last names that begin with A-H
Week of 4/20 – Last names that begin with I-L
Week of 4/27– Last names that begin with M-P

 Visual Arts

This week in visual arts we took apart mechanical doohickeys for our K/1 friends to put back together. We also took rubbings for origami boxes when we walked outside.

Performing Arts

We are working on our recorders and learning new songs from our songbook. It is fun because we get to  work on it by ourselves. “Ara Lee”, “Oh Freedom” and “Singabahambayo are some of the songs we have been working on.

Book Buddies

This week in book buddies we got to read with them after being gone so long for spring break.We are still helping them sound out words. They are making very well progress in their reading skills.

Morning Meeting

We did the human knot. It is where you tie your hands up and then you have to try to get out.It is a game to build trust and make new friends and build a commuinty and it is fun to see people smile.

We did the mix up greeting you get up and you walk to a place you don’t sit in all the time. Greet someone sitting there already that you don’t greet all the time .

Questions to Ask Your Child

  • What songs have you learned on the recorder ?
  • What is your on-demand piece about?
  • What do you think your fiction story is going to be about?
  • What was your animal in P3?

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