Newsletter 27 – 4/10/15


Spring conferences will be starting up soon. Kids are doing spring reflections in preparation. We are working on filling out sheets for the teachers to use as we have these conferences. The conferences are student-led. We sent a note about this home on 4/9.

Math Workshop

In Ms. Caitlin’s Math Group we have been working on projects! 2 members of the group completed their 3rd and 4th projects. Also, Thursday was the Great Ms. Caitlin’s birthday! She has turned the amazing age of 28. Not much new news other than that.

In Mr. Jim’s group we got some new homework about fractions and we revised it on Friday. It was challenging at just the right level. In math practice we work on these really fun multiplication flash cards that take a lot hard work but are entertaining.

This week in Ms. Kalei’s math group we have been working on fractions. In fraction  work we have been doing division with fractions, multiplication with fractions, addition with fractions, and subtraction. We have been learning visual strategies, and the algorithm with dividing fractions. We have also started a new system, including new fix and finish, and math practice.

In Ms. Kandi’s group we began the week by completing a unit assessment to see how we have grown in our understanding of theoretical and experimental probability, as well as our skills at collecting, organizing, and interpreting data.  Mid week we began a new unit on fractions and decimals.  Students created a geoboard figure with an area of 2 square units when each of the small squares had an area of 1 square unit.  We then thought of the entire geoboard as 1 square unit, so that each small square had an area of 1/16.  Students explored the fractional values of various regions on the geoboard and used them as the basis for observations about fractional relationships.


Readers Workshop

This week in readers workshop we continued to focus on the author’s purpose. We learned that authors have an agendas(theme). Mr.Jim is teaching us about author’s purpose. We have used picture books to do so examples: Lorax. We read The Lorax and used that as an example to talk about the main idea and possible agenda. Many students generated an idea for author’s purpose around environment or how nature matters. We have done a lot of work with the chapter books we picked at the beginning of the unit.

This week we continued to read the book The Watsons Go To Birmingham. In The Watsons Go To Birmingham they continued to drive to Birmingham so By can stay with Grandma Sands as a punishment. And if he’s good then he could come back to Flint to finish school. But if he’s bad which chances are he will be then he will stay to finish school.

Writers Workshop

In writers this week we read the world.What that means is you think of a specific day and time in some place that you remember the people.Then you write a little story about the characters. When you’re finished with that you pick one character and write a story about them. Students are developing significance in different characters. They’ve spent time writing a handful of short stories. 

P3 Workshop

This week in P3 we started a new unit on Indiana. We matched pictures and words for the state rock, beverage, bird, tree, flower and more. If we matched all of the cards we played a memory game. We did a  trivia where we had to say what the match was.

 Performing Arts

We learned a Shakespearean dance that was probably made in the 1600 or the 1500 hundreds. We brought Mr. Jim and Ms. Kalei to watch us dance! We also learned the song we danced to on recorders but the dancing was more successful. A few days before that we sang a song (on behalf of Earth Day!) called “Our Earth, Our Home”. It was really fun to sing about the earth with all of our friends.

Visual Arts

This week in visual arts we have been working on our animal styrofoam prints. Most people are almost ready to make the dents in the styrofoam. What you do is you draw a number of drafts on paper of your animal, then you pick your favorite picture and tape it to the back of a styrofoam disc and trace it lightly. After that you go back in and add detail to your animal, when you’re done you have a animal imprinted in your styrofoam disc.

Morning Meeting

This week we did Entourage. It is where you play rock papers scissors and you start of with you and one more person and then you play then you play if you lost then you cheer for that person that you lost to you you go behind them and cheer for them then they play and if they lose then they cheer for the person they lost to and cheer to that person.

Capstone Project

This week in capstone library committee members interviewed their assigned capstone students.The students that aren’t a librarians got to work on their capstone project.

Book Buddies

This week in book buddies our partners gave us book recommendations for books. It was amazing to see how good their writing skills are. Their letters were very thoughtful and cute. we are all very exciting to read there recommended books.

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