Newsletter 28 – 4/16/15


We are trying out a new HUGE circle for morning meeting. Finally everyone is on the same level, instead of having 4 layers of people!

The librarians had an awesome (but painful – those books were heavy) trip to the library. Ms. Kalei checked out 146 books, along with all of the books us librarians checked out on our own cards.

Also, we are having the Esteemed Spring Conferences! If you have not already, please contact Ms. Kalei or Mr. Jim to set up a conference. They are led by students and will show the parents lots of the things their child has been learning, their strengths and goals, and much more. Friday is a day off to accommodate for the 50-something conferences that need to happen!

Math Workshop

This week in Ms. Kalei’s math group we have been working on/ finishing up our unit in fractions, decimals, and percents. This week, similar to last week, we have been working on multiplying and dividing fractions. Sadly, we have no friday for school, so we could have a no-school conference day. In math we have been doing our work for filling out a reflection for our spring conference, and we have been finishing up a seven page assesment.

This week in Mr. Jim’s math group we  got our assessments back and saw our score. We also got a lot of new papers we also turned in 1 big packet and then we turned in a 1 page sheet. Spring conferences are coming so we reflected on our mathematician skills.

This week in Ms. Caitlin’s math group we had a very riddley homework: as in, a question about number analogies, guess my number, and a riddle like the perplexors things we are doing. (Ask your kid.)

This week in Ms. Kandi’s group, students used several different units of area measure to determine the area of different regions on the geoboard.  In doing so, they encountered equivalent fractions  and mixed numbers, as well as informal addition, subtraction, and division of fractions.  We also spent time considering the next two base ten pieces to the right of the unit: 0.1 and 0.01.  Students used base ten pieces to represent decimal numbers and identify the value of those numbers as decimals and fractions.

Readers Workshop

This week in reader’s workshop we made short drawings of either the main characters, or the main setting. We came up with a theme that went through the beginning, middle, and end. We also wrote how the drawings we drew connected to our themes.We are working really hard on unwrapping the clues the authors gave us. This week we read a picture book to help us understand the teaching point for this week. The book was called Pop’s Bridge. In Pop’s Bridge a boy admires the bridge his dad is working on. He thinks it’s his fathers bridge but when some of the workers fall into the river he realizes that the bridge is made with teamwork so it’s everyones bridge. So to symbolize the teamwork he cuts a puzzle piece from the puzzle of a bridge so that everyone would have a equal share in the puzzle bridge.

Writers Workshop

In writers this week we wrote scenarios for our fictional characters. It tested what our characters would do in a situation. Like they are stuck in a elevator going lower and lower- what would they do? WE are learning what are characters minds are like. We conferred with many other writers in the class to get their ideas about our writing. We also made some choices for future writing partners. 

Visual Arts

This week in visual arts we have been working on our plates again. Not much to say about that, but we cut out a styrofoam circle out of a styrofoam plate, whoop whoop! Then draw a picture on a piece of paper, after that trace the outline of the drawing onto the circle, then take the picture off of the newly imprinted animal, then we did then add detail. After we do that, the next step is to come…he he moohaha.

Performing Arts

In performing arts this week we have worked on our recorders and learned a song called “Bransle De Champagne” and then we practiced all to together. It was so much fun to play together that one specific song. One line [Dreams] worked on dancing but the other line [Hopes] didn’t get to because they are a little bit behind because of the day on Friday is the day we have off.

Morning Meeting

We did the barking greeting and it is where you get to bark like your favorite dog!

Questions to Ask Your Child at Home

  • How are you feeling about your spring conference?
  • What can you tell me about your character?
    • What would your character be doing if they were with us right now?
  • What themes are you noticing in your book?

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