Newsletter 29


Next week is….. ISTEP TIME! We will be starting the multiple-choice part of ISTEP on Monday.

Also, a new installment on our moving wall, we have two paper TARDISes! (tardi?) Ms. Kalei and Mr. John used them in their demonstration of the effects of time traveling in P3.

Math Workshop

This week in Ms. Kalei’s math group we have been working on the order of operations, graphing, percents, and multiple choice questions. We are learning this, and many mor e(like the mean, median, mode, and range) for preparation for ISTEP next week.

This week in Mr. Jim’s group, we got new homework that was elapsed time. We also started a new unit on decimals and changing fractions to decimals. We checked our homework and almost every one turned in their homework!

In Ms. Caitlin’s group, we are starting a whole group project! As you know every Friday we work on projects (usually on the computer) and w are starting a big Scratch program that everyone will work on. Stay tuned for more details!

In Ms. Kandi’s group, students worked in pairs to complete a variety of problems in which they are asked to compare decimal numbers and fractions.  Students expressed their conclusions in the form of inequalities.  Mid-week, students played More or Less, a game played with decimal numbers to the hundredths place.  Before they started the game, drew and compared pairs of decimal numbers.  At the end of the week students represented the value of the dollar and each coin in the U.S. currency system in decimal and fractional notation.  In doing so, they continued to make connections between decimals, money, and fractions.

Readers Workshop

This week we continued to work on author’s purpose so our fiction books may be running out of pages. We have all enjoyed the books that we have read. Through out the week we have done multiple work sheets for example. Today we  did a sheet where we had to choose an event, setting, or character in our books and wrote the character’s emotion  when the scene was taking place.This week we haven’t continued to read The Watsons Go To Birmingham. Instead we read part of Harris Burdick story called Just Desert. A boy who was out biking and somehow found himself   in a neighborhood  that seemed like it was dead.There was no leaves on the ground, there was the same amount of junk mail sticking out of the mailboxes, and nobody was there.

Writers Workshop

In writers workshop we learned about plot. Using our new plot chart, we began to plan out stories that involve our fictional character. We worked to identify what the problem would be for our characters.


P3 Workshop 

This week in P3 we watched Doctor Who because we are studying Indiana history and we are thinking about what it would be like to go back in time and change things that happened from the 1600s to present time. We are working with partners on timelines to help sort events from the past to present. We are talking about #boycottindiana and the new law that was passed. There is a picture of a Tardis and christmas lights hung so we can travel back in time.

Morning Meeting

Visual Arts

This week in visual arts we have been doing our styrofoam disc patterns. We put a in- printed animal on a disc that we cut off, then we take washable markers and color each part of a disc a different color. After that we cut out a piece of paper in a circle only slightly bigger than the disc, we put the paper circle in water, then when it’s all wet we take it and put it on the disc, we press down until the paper is colored enough. Then the best part… We take it off then now you have you newly colored piece of marker art work.

Performing Arts

This week in performing arts we got to go outside! We brought our recorders, our dance moves and ourselves! We split our group and one group danced to Bransle De Champagne while another played the song! We successfully did not break any of the recorders! We did a really fun improv the whole time and everyone got to act out these really fun scenarios!

Book Buddies

This week in book buddies we did something special! Today we made a fiction story based of mystery picture that has no story to it. Our ⅘ brains combined with k/1 brains make a great story!


IMG_5780_2 IMG_5772_2


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