Newsletter 30 – 5/3/15


We have had a wonderful week of ISTEP! Positive attitudes abound. Next week we will continue our work. Remember to have early bedtimes, healthy brain food and of course BE SUPPORTIVE!

Foods we recommend:

  • Fruit
  • Protein (yogurt, lentils, seeds, fish, lean meat, eggs, peanut butter)
  • Healthy Carbs– maybe toast with peanut butter and orange juice for breakfast (DON’T TEST ON AN EMPTY STOMACH!)
  • Fish
  • Dark fruits and veggies (kale, people, its not that bad, and this is a kid talking)
  • Eggs
  • A protein smoothie with healthy ingredients is great.

This isn’t food, but seriously, get lots of sleep. Also not food, but comfy clothing!

Readers Workshop

This week in readers workshop we are bringing our unit to an end!We are making slides about one of the books we read.We are making one slide for the title, setting(s) , the characters, the theme(s) , the author’s porpuse/ and the plot. This week we continued to read The Watson’s Go To Birmingham. The Watsons continued their trip to Birmingham and when they finally got there Byron became very respectful and polite to Grandma Sands started to act all southern.

P3 Workshop

This week in P3 we started learning about Indiana from 1600-1800. We wrote down the information we learned on our time lines. We went back in time because we’re Time Lords. Time Lords can travel back in time (Time Lords are from Doctor Who). We traveled back in time and  learned about Native Americans that lived in the 1600-1800 in Indiana. We also talked about Indiana’s two constitutions.

Writers Workshop

This week in writer’s workshop we wrote and finished our plan and started writing stories about our characters.

Performing Arts

In Performing Arts, we have been working on our recorder skills. Both lines did some outside practice to take advantage of the beautiful week. The Dreams line did some skits of fairy tales and myths. We played all together and got to show each other where we were in our music, which was really fun!


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