Newsletter 33 – 5/22/15


Field Day is coming up next Friday! Everyone is super excited for it. Field Day is a day where the whole school takes a trip out to our beloved Ms. Sara’s farm. We play CTF and football, play in the horse troughs, Mr. Chris runs the Slip n’ Slide, and we generally have an awesome time. Make sure to pack your child appropriately with a water bottle, close toe shoes, towel, bathing suit, extra change of clothes, and a filling lunch.

Morning Meeting

This week we played a new activity. We did freeze dance. A greeting that we did – we told someone about if any of our family has served in the military. We’ve done a better job sitting and getting to know our classmates. We have been using cards in meeting. The cards have your name on them, and the teachers pass them out, mix them up, and sit next to new people every day.

Capstone Project

This week in capstone, we decided what our visual piece would be. Some of us finished our questions and some of us are still working on them. Parents are always helpful in working on capstone pieces at home!

Book Buddies

We were focusing on having our book buddies retell the story and give us examples of characters, plot and setting.

Ms. Kalei’s Math Group

We just finished a long end of the year assessment. We played games. Students are excited to continue our work on dreambox next week!

Mr. Jim’s Math Group

We did a long end of year assessment.

Ms. Caitlin’s Math Group

This week in Ms. Caitlin’s math group we have been working on re-arranging random triangles into rectangles and finding the area of them, which is harder than it sounds. We also did a review of all the math we have done for Ms. Caitlin to give to our future math teachers -sob- next year.

We have also been working on a group math project on Scratch, following the adventures of the blue-and-yellow George and his trusty striped cane.

Ms. Kandi’s Math Group

We are doing decimals – adding and subtracting them. When we are done adding or subtracting we always have to do the reverse operation to check our work.

Readers Workshop

We are reading independently every day. We are reading books of choice.

P3 Workshop

In P3 this week, we talked about immigration, child labor in factories, and the laws that were passed about alcohol. We talked about the KKK and their beliefs in white supremacy.

Writers Workshop

We finished our first drafts. We are working on our second drafts. Some people are working on computers. We shared our drafts with writing partners and partners looked  for:

  • Verb tense
  • Five senses
  • Climax – slow building tension
  • Paragraphing – Dialogue
  • Plot

Visual Arts

We have had free days this week. We have had things from dragons to mini sized clothes. Other then that we haven’t done much more. But a free day in arts is always magical. We have also been drawing something we have never drawn before and are creatively drawing pop art inspired patterns around it.


We watched a colorlines video about race. [Insert link]





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