Newsletter 34 – 5/30/15


This week we started our whole class NWEA tests. Students completed the reading and math assessments.

We also started our work for MAW – due to take place on June 10! On Friday we generated our theme for the MAW which will be Doctor Who. Student-designed exhibits will relate to moments in time and space. Kids chose their sub-committees and will find our their assignments on Monday.

This was also a big week because of FIELD DAY! Field day was a huge success, we hiked, played capture the flag, played scratch, slipped and slided, and enjoyed nature.

As the end of the school year nears, please make sure we are aware of any days your child may miss. In these last few weeks, we work together so closely as a community.

Here is the snack schedule for the last weeks:

Week of 6/1– Last names that begin with M-P
Week of 6/8 – Last names that begin with R-W
Homework in the next few weeks can be spent finishing up final assignments – capstone writing and final fiction writing pieces.
IMG_5960 IMG_5959 IMG_5957 IMG_5953 IMG_5950

Writers Workshop

In writers workshop this week, students finished up their second drafts of their writing pieces.

Math Workshop

Most math groups this week spent time finishing up and reviewing our end of year growth assessments.

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