Newsletter 35 – 6/8/15


Last week we really geared up for our MAW. We came up with our Mission/Vision for the MAW and designed our exhibits. Our steering committee met everyday to help with oversight.

Individual exhibits worked on designing a visually engaging area of the classroom that had an interactive component. They spent time moving furniture and physically getting the room into shape.


In Capstone this week students had a small chunk of time to work on their writing pieces. We will have capstone work on Thursday and Friday of this week for students to finish any pieces they can before the end of the year.

Writers Workshop

In writers workshop we finished our fiction pieces and had a mini-celebration.

Questions to Ask Your Child (about last week or this week):

  • What is your group doing in the MAW?
  • What have you gained in this 4/5 year?
  • How have you met your hopes/dreams?


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