Newsletter 1 – 8/14/15

Family Information

We will have our family information night next Wednesday from 6:30-7:30! It will take place in the 5/6 classroom.

You can find out who your contact is for this year (many have changed since last year!) as well as our snack schedule on our General Information page.

Building Our Community

This week we did several team building CHALLENGES to help grow our community. We did a crepe paper group walk, blob tag, over and under relay.

We also worked on our hopes and dreams for reading, writing, math P3, and community. We’ve also asked kids to identify a hope or dream they have in terms of learning about themselves.

Kids narrowed our agreements down to nine statements. We will be moving forward in agreements work next week.

We used the language of “safety,” “risk,” and “danger” zones to identify how we feel in different situations.

We discussed a hierarchy of needs during lessons and how to identify “wants” and “needs.”

New Routines

We intend to discuss workshops in more depth at the family information night, but we’ve started a new schedule this year. You can find an image of the tentative 5/6 schedule below.

Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 3.37.07 PM

Morning Meeting & CPR

One change kids have received very positively is our alternating Morning Meetings and CPRs. CPR, or Circle of Power and Respect is the 5-8 version of morning meeting, and it focuses on building metacognitive awareness of individual in relationship to community. We will have CPR three times a week in hopes and dreams groups and Morning Meeting as a whole class twice a week.  

Questions to Ask Your Child

  • What is something you learned that surprised you this week?
  • What is similar and different about your classroom this year from last year?
  • What is happening in the read aloud of El Deafo?
  • What is something that is in your risk zone? danger zone?
  • What team initiative helped you feel most welcome in the community?

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