Newsletter 8 – 10/23/15


This week we we had a lovely time getting back to work together. We spent our CPR time focusing on what motivates us. We listened to two excerpts from the Ted Radio Hour on The Meaning of Work. We discussed habits every 5/6 student should have as well as what motivates us to work. Students set a single work habits-based goal and jotted it in their notebooks.

We launched work with the app Fresh Grade. E-Portfolios have been launched on the student side and we will be helping kiddos update them with assignments that show their learning.

On Friday we went and saw Peabody: A Science Affair at the Waldron.

Writers Workshop

We are continuing to work on personal narratives. This week we talked about story arc and how to stretch moments in a piece. We listened to the story “B-Pocalypse” (lots of podcasts this week) to hear about how rising action can seem like the climax of a story. Students generated a plan for a personal narrative that they will follow up with next week.

Readers Workshop

In readers workshop this week we studied main idea in many ways. Working with small text sets, we did close reading and worked to find main idea. We discussed how main idea can vary and really it needs to be justified with evidence. One strategy we used was closing the book and seeing what you remembered generally from reading.

Current Events Work

We spent Friday morning discussing the recent incident outside the Sofra Cafe. We’ll be talking about it more and thinking through action we can propose school-wide.

Reminder of Upcoming Unit

Reminder to families to please email Ms. Kalei (if you have not already) that you received our message regarding our puberty unit…it’ll be starting next Wednesday.

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