Newsletter 9 – 10/30/15


In CPR this week we were all together for most days. We’ve been talking about the needs of adolescents – hobbies, friends, and success in school.


This week we started our institutes in reading, writing, math, and community. Much like intensives, Institutes have an academic focus, but they are more project base and work more to address habits of a learner.


In health this week we talked about hormones and the endocrine system. We introduced the “question box” and are starting our conversations about more physical changes next week.


In readers workshop this week we ventured to the Monroe County Public Library! Students used the catalogs and fabulous staff to find books regarding their topics of interest.


We are still working on our personal narrative pieces. This week students submitted a mid-unit assessment – a piece they planned and worked on over three workshop sessions. Soon, we’ll be breaking into groups that focus on elaboration/structure or on narrative craft.


To wrap up our rivers study, students wrote feedback to each of their group members (in the form of strengths and goals). They’ll be sharing this feedback next week.

Jim and Kalei started meeting with students that did not attend their own goal setting conference to discuss their first trimester strengths and goals. Kids provided some input on their ideas.

Questions to Ask Your Child at Home

  • What institute are you taking and what are you learning?
  • What topic/book did you summarize in readers workshop?
  • What personal narrative did you write?

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