Newsletter 12 – 11/20/15

Weekly Highlights

We finished watching Inside Out and worked on some stations. Some students came up with a list of the emotions that guide them most often, while others spent time creating personality islands. A handful researched the science behind the film.

We had our publishing party on Friday morning. All students completed a personal narrative for our first unit of study together!!! We worked to build tension in our stories and articulated the lesson we learned from our experiences.

Readers have been working in book clubs. A few texts have finished their comprehension work (or are almost done…) and may be moving onto project work soon. We encourage students to read and write over break, but their only “official” work will be to complete reading/writing for book clubs.

Students brought the issue forward, and in current events this week we discussed the shooting in Paris and surrounding conflicts. We talked a bit about the refugee crisis in Syria and weighed “pros” and “cons.”

Our class play, Jump n’ Jive Juliet is on January 26th, 2016. We’ve replaced our usual transition music with music from the show to help students remember the lyrics. They’ll need to focus on studying their lines (if they have them) in coming weeks.

We went and saw one of the performances of the 1-2 show SWAMPED. 5/6 students were so very excited to see their book buddies on stage. They sang along and even connected the songs about growing up and changing to our recent health unit.


Newsletter 11 – 11/15/15

Weekly Highlights

We finished up our study of anatomy and have moved onto a study of emotions.

In CPR, we’re working on a sort-of yearbook called “Who’s Who in CPR?”

We have started typing club to work on keyboarding skills. Kids are able to use typing club at home as we have “premium” accounts. You can find account information for your child here. If your child does not have a media release and is unlisted, you can contact Kalei to get their username/password!

Mr. Chris joined us for CPR on Friday to do a sing-through of the upcoming musical. Please mark your calendars for January 26th, 2016.

Readers Workshop

Whether typically students are in LLI or not, we are all in book club studies right now. We are thinking about characters and character motivation. Book club selections include: Kira-Kira, Al Capone Does My Shirts, Firegirl, Holes, Loser, The Lightning Thief, Becoming Naomi León, and Bud, Not Buddy. Most students have written assignments that they can complete as homework if they are not finished in class.

Writers Workshop

In writers workshop we are finishing up our personal narratives. We’ll be having our publishing party on Friday, November 20th at 9:30am and we invite families to come join us!

Questions to Ask Your Child:

  • What have you been talking about in your book clubs?
  • What are you thinking about as you’re watching Inside Out?
  • What math concepts have you been working on?

Newsletter 10 – 11/6/15

Weekly Highlights

We worked on writing books inspired by The Wild Things.

We wrote a letter to Sofra Cafe asking what action they would find appropriate (if any at all) from our class.

We got together in P3 groups from the rivers project and gave each other feedback.

We saw the 3/4 show at the library.

Readers Workshop

In readers workshop this week we returned to the library. We then worked to compare multiple books on one topic, both in the structure of the books as well as the content. We talked briefly about author perspective.

Writers Workshop

This week we broke into two groups to study our work more closely. We read mentor short stories and thought about craft moves that author’s make. Another group worked to elaborate on their pre-existing plot & details to really stretch out the tension.


More fun times in health class this week concerned the functions of specific bodies (and organs). We discussed a lot of questions from our question bags!


Book clubs will start next week.

Ms. Kalei’s math group will start homework on Monday (it will be due on Mondays).