Newsletter 13 – 12/7/15

Weekly Highlights

The big thing of this past week was our launch of study on Egypt, Greece, and Rome! We started the week with a timeline walk, where students walked along the b-line trail, each step representing ten years of history. After taking many steps, we got to the ancient civilizations we’re studying over the next few weeks. The unit is mostly done through stations study, students are independently taking on stations work and learning about government, religion, art, architecture, daily life, and military.

We also launched a mini-study of persuasive/argumentative writing. After a lively debate between Mr. Jim and Ms. Kalei, students chose to write a pro/con essay on screens at inside recess OR changing the school lunch vendor.

Book clubs ended and some groups did some project work if they had time.

We had some IU students come in and do a presentation on biodiversity and language diversity.

We’re in smaller writing groups this week focusing our research work. We will send home homework tomorrow!

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