Newsletter 14 – 12/11/15

Weekly Highlights

Eric Robinson joined us this week to give a presentation on Greece & Rome. His work at IU is closely tied to our current unit of study and kids were incredibly excited to hear him talk about his travels and answer some compelling questions.

In writing/reading (LITERACY) this week, we split into two groups to focus on argument essay. One group focused deeply on structure of paragraphs in persuasive writing and took on the issue of whether or not homework should be in schools. The other group spent time browsing topics for research and is focusing on nonfiction comprehension, synthesis, and note-taking.

New documentation of our learning is springing up around our classroom after an inspiring staff meeting lead by Ms. Doriet. We are working on helping kids make connections to their learning by putting up some displays. We also spent some time discussing what other projects they could imagine. The overhead library committee will be working on some displays related to literacy and a handful of students are going to start documenting the process of the play.

Questions to ask your child:

  • What is your claim in literacy workshop? What are your reasons?
  • What stations have you logged in the ancient civilizations work?
  • How has play rehearsal been going – what scenes/songs do you need to practice more?

Just a last  note that we appreciate all the support you send us, the articles you send our way to read, the moments that you stop by and say hi in the mornings and afternoons, and all that you do for your child to have them ready for the day.

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