Newsletter 17 – 1/20/15

This past week we spent quite a bit of time finishing up our argument essays! Students have been writing claims and proving them through research, personal stories, interviews, and statistics.

We also started our book club work. Your child is likely in a book club unless they are in another small reading group. Homework for the next few weeks will be done through these groups. You can find several of the book club packets and schedules here.

We also started a new spelling program this week. We took a short spelling assessment and based on student performance, they are going to be doing a self study. Most kids in the class will have three categories of words:

POTENTIAL WORDS are words you have not spelled successfully to an adult/have not worked on yet

ACTIVE WORDS are words you are working to learn (choose about four per session/week)

RETIRED WORDS are words you have successfully spelled to an adult. 

Each spelling session (about three times a week) kids work to learn their words. Each time they review with an adult by spelling the words verbally, they are also asked to spell one or more of their “retired” word to make sure they’ve mastered them from session to session.

Lastly – we started some collaborative work with the IU organization Books and Beyond. Our students are working on authoring short stories for a publication/anthology that will be sent to a partnership school in Rwanda. 5/6 students are working in small groups to write stories that are about friendship.

Jump n’ Jive Juliet Information –

Below you will find a cast list and basic costume description for our upcoming Jump ‘n’ Jive Juliet performance that is less than three weeks away. If you are unable to find an outfit for the show, or have any questions at all, please feel free to contact Chris at

Performances at the Ivy Tech/ Waldron Auditorium will be on

Tuesday, January 26th

Ms. Kalei’s DREAMS cast will perform at 6pm

Mr. Jim’s HOPES cast will perform at 7:15pm

There are TWO separate casts performing (for fire code regulations). Students in the 6pm DREAMS show should arrive at 5:45pm. Students in the 7:15pm HOPES show should arrive NO EARLIER than 7pm, in order not to disturb the first performance. Parents are welcome to attend the dress rehearsals earlier that day, if they would like to see the other cast’s performance. Just let me know, so I can alert security at the theatre.

See you on Tuesday, January 26th!


COSTUMES: Our show takes place at a performance/dance hall in Venice Beach, California, around 1945. All students should wear 1940’s style outfits: dress pants/dress shirt/ tie/ jacket (optional), 1940’s dress or blouse/skirt. PLEASE, no blue jeans. Students are free to add their own character specific touches to their outfits! Costumes should be comfortable enough to swing dance in. Those students sharing a role (Juliets and Rons) will need to coordinate similar looking outfits. If you have any questions at all, please email Chris at . If your child’s name does not appear on the list below, you can email Kalei ( for their information.

Mr. Montague Solomon Mason M
Mrs. Montague Maia Lucy
Ron Montague (1) Nathan Ella
Ron Montague (2) Surya
Brad (lawyer) Silas
Brian (lawyer) Keate Nick
Betty Jaidyn Irene
Deputy Mayor Mark Elijah
Mayor Sophie Wade
Judy Julia G Monet
Mr. Capulet Alden Matthew
Mrs. Capulet Nora Lily
Juliet Capulet (1) Ava Iris
Juliet Capulet (2) Charlotte Julia I
Mercy O’Reily Edwin Cian
Spider Johnson Sam
Queen Bee / Scorpion Celie Ethan
Narrator Holden Dye Dye
Dance Captain Kalen Dye Dye
Mark (Mercutio) Mark Elijah
Robert (Tybalt) Quenten Kadin
John (Romeo) Aidan Keith
Alan (Benvolio) Logan Shane
YES People Abel, Holden,Jamari, Kalen, Oliver Anen, Dye Dye, Judah, Monica, Zachary

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